Climate Hope


Beth Wallace KXL Pipeline Protest, photo courtesy Beth Wallace/Climate Hope

I tend to keep my advocacy to myself on Michigan in Pictures, but when a friend shared the Climate Hope tumblr with me last week, I felt compelled to share it with you.

Michigan for me is defined by our water. On the heels of the disastrous million gallon oil spill on the Kalamazoo River, I feel that Michiganders have a sacred duty to protect our water today and for future generations. Climate Hope is submitting pictures shared with them as public comment by the March 7, 2014 deadline.

You can see more photo messages on Climate Hope and (if you’re so inclined) share one with them at If you’d like to comment directly on the Keystone pipeline, head over to

More about the corrosive beast that is tar sands oil via the Natural Resources Defense Council.


27 thoughts on “Climate Hope

    1. Richard, you are welcome to unsubscribe. I don’t do Michigan in Pictures for money, I do it for love. And like my hero and neighbor, former Governor Bill Milliken, I believe that conservation and protection of Michigan’s natural resources as nothing to do with politics and everything to do with our duty as human beings.

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  1. The part that I think will turn off some people is the climate, not the waters. I am all for finding ways to protect our waters, but not to the detriment to our economy. That is the trick I guess, finding the balance. Love the pictures with the explanations by the way. No unsubscribing from me.


    1. You’re free to read or not read. And he’s free to post what he wants. You don’t have to agree with everything another person believes to be his reader or his friend.


  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely more on the side of assigning an astronomical value to our public waters and not allowing private entities to risk their health for economic gain. I can’t swim, fish or enjoy what’s been rendered unfit for human use. There’s always room for discussion and reasoned analysis.

    I think that if you factor in the cost of the Kalamazoo spill (over a billion dollars) then piping tar sand oil through Michigan has already seriously hurt our economy.


  3. Bad choice of quotes. Obama has no credibility when referencing future generations. He is saddling my children and grandkids with irresponsible debt. He simply doesn’t care. He walks effortlessly in meaningless political correctness while burdening others with unsustainable policies.

    The pipeline can co-exist with nature and mankind as it greatly reduces transmission emissions while strengthening the economy which in turn funds environment monitoring and standards. People who object to advancing energy for a growing society should only complain with pencil and paper as they don’t appreciate the power it takes to fuel electronic media.

    Please stick to your gorgeous pictures which I enjoy each day. They do more for strengthening a love for the land than these baseless pipeline complaints.


    1. I don’t even know what you’re saying. Beth is asking President Obama to do what he’s probably NOT going to do – there’s no quote from him.

      In any case, I’m sorry to have troubled you and others with my personal thoughts on my personal blog. I can pretty much guarantee that if you stick around long enough, it will happen again.


  4. If we don’t take risks, then how will we learn and support our economy and create jobs? I believe there are more things to be concerned about than the climate, like saving the life of a baby. Don’t get me wrong, we need to be responsible in taking care of our planet using common sense. I appreciate the pictures, but not ones that are political, I will not be a part of them. Especially from a president that has no appreciation for our country.





    1. I’m no fan of Obama, but I AM concerned about our irreplaceable waterways. You don’t have to agree with the person who created that photo and caption (who was not, by the way, the person who runs this blog) to agree with the sentiment that Michigan water is precious and should be protected. I’m floored at how many people think that it is their place to dictate what someone puts on their personal blog.


  5. Thank you for sharing this picture and this important issue. I am grateful for people like you who are brave enough to not be silent about things that really matter.


  6. Farlane friend. As a fellow photographer and super fan of Michigan and its resources I don’t think you should be extolling political opinions on your terrific site. I certainly don’t share the concerns of the KXL Pipeline as presented by Beth Wallace. I feel this pipeline would be the safest pipeline ever built and a real kick to the American economy. Furthermore, we would be much less dependent on foreign oil. I am a member of the Charlevoix Photography Club and a huge supported of Michigan and the Great Lakes.

    Mark L. Haveman


  7. Keep up the good work. Ignore the haters, racist and anti science crowd—they are all just Ted Nugent’s in disguise.


  8. Keep up the good work! People who hate, deny the obvious and believe the lies are trolls, nothing more. One cannot love Michigan and at the same time ignore what could destroy it.


  9. I totally agree that the pipeline is being sold to help economy recover, but after talking with a person who “sold” part of their land to the project and how poorly the land recovery was, reading Canoe and Kayak magazine and listening to others talk about the tar sands, destruction of natural ecosystems, and land, it is a bill of goods being sold under false pretenses. Look at the spills and how long response time is to recover land and water and how the company lies outright about what is going on. It is going through Indiana and Michigan and it is scary to see what is happening as they “rape” our land. Oops, guess I will make some other angry as well. Seriously, it is a house of cards to the people of Indiana and Michigan.


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