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March 1, 2014

Polar Vortex Cabin Fever

Polar Vortex Cabin Fever, photo by lauraherd

A few readers shared Thursday that they’d rather I check my politics at the door and stick to the Michigan photo posting. 6 even unsubscribed, but since 8 more subscribed I guess it’s a wash.

I’ve run a lot of blogs and similar online projects, and I’ve seen what happens when they become places for people to fight about things. That’s not going to happen on Michigan in Pictures, and I want to make a couple of things clear, just so there’s no surprises.

  1. And this is #1 for a reason. I love Michigan. Love love love it. I’ve worked really hard on this site for 8 years for no financial gain, sharing and promoting and discovering Michigan. What I do gain is the satisfaction of learning more and seeing more of my state. My love of Michigan extends to a commitment to the preservation of Michigan’s water and environment, which I believe is critical to our state’s long-term economic health. I can’t and won’t separate this, so you’re going to have to deal with the occasional post about my thoughts on these matters.
  2. And this is really part 2 of #1: I love YOU. You follow Michigan in Pictures because you love Michigan and love learning about the same weird, fun, beautiful things that I do. You also appreciate the talented photographers who share pieces of the glorious whole of the Great Lakes State in the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Thank you for your support of my efforts and your support of all the photographers who trust their work to me.
  3. This is my personal blog. I’m glad that so many people enjoy it, and I try go out of my way to confront people. That said, I don’t do Michigan in Pictures for money, I do it for love and my own satisfaction. I find comments along the “Stick to posting pretty pictures of Michigan” insulting and offensive. I’ll be sticking to doing what I do, and if that’s a problem for you, there’s a big wide internet out there so please feel free to unsubscribe now.

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend.

Laura let me post this photo she took of our cats, Monty & Acorn. It’s a personal favorite. Click to see it bigger on Instagram.

45 Responses to “Michigan in Pictures is a blog, folks”

  1. Tattie Says:

    I love your your pictures and look forward to them everyday. Must have missed your politics. I am moving to Michigan for its beauty. I assume you all are taught about your Great Lakes in the public school system. It was something I thought about, going from school to school, but I am sure tat is being done. Thanks for your pics. I treasure them.


  2. Marybeth Harvey Says:

    Thanks for speaking truth and not apologizing for it. I love and cherish (and miss) Michigan and its irreplaceable waters, too.

    **Marybeth Harvey Debary, FL

    Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 15:02:00 +0000 To: mb_harvey@hotmail.com


  3. Please continue to speak out about environmental concerns. We need more such involvement, not less, if we are ever to slow down (it’s too late to stop) environmental degradation.


  4. Scott Bradley Says:

    Andy ,
    Don’t change a thing ! I look forward to your posts everyday. I don’t expect to agree with everything I read. That’s the one of great things of being human.
    Thanks for all you do


  5. Charles Markert Says:

    Keep up the good work. I for one appreciate it as a former Michigander now living in Virginia. I also contribute some my time for free, writing a right-wing constitutional conservative opinion column weekly for a local newspaper. I expect politically you and I are polar opposites but I respect what you do. In fact we probably would be in agreement 90% of the time on the objectives of nurturing success in the USA, Michigan, the conservation of nature and of the success of our families. It’s highly likely we totally disagree on how to do it. Therein lies the rub. I have many wonderful liberal friends, including one of my 3 sons, and we simply avoid talking about politics. I would never convince them otherwise and they could never convince me otherwise so we get to enjoy everything else about each other. I have dropped dozens of your photos into my screensaver slideshow on my laptop so I get to see them many times a day. Thanks, Charlie Markert

    Charles Markert Cavitronix 202-498-2308


  6. Diane turner Says:

    Thanks so much for michigan in pictures. It is a treasure!


  7. broccoliisgoodforyou Says:

    Well said, Andy. Keep up the good work!


  8. Karen I. Webb Says:

    Love the cats! Love you, and thank you for the cat photo, Laura. And I love, love, love Michigan just like you. In all seasons. All terrains, population densities, fine architecture and not, water, trees and everything that goes along with all these things. THANK YOU, and keep it up! Karen in Reed City Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 15:01:58 +0000 To: kareniwebb@hotmail.com


  9. Wasabi Jane Says:

    Just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog…and that you’ve kept politics to a minimum…it makes the rare occasional post more impactful (or easier to ignore, depending on where someone falls on the political spectrum). All of this to say: Keep on spreading the Michigan love!

    Side note: this photo is hilarious. :D


  10. Erin Bartels Says:

    Keep doing exactly what you’re doing because we love it. I always look forward to your photos and interesting information and links to articles. Your blog, your show. :)


  11. Cathy Herron Says:


    “I’m depressed. I need a cookie!” Sophia Petrillo



  12. marlee Says:

    Politics? I didn’t notice.
    I love your love for Michigan. Isn’t this what this is all about?
    Don’t apologize.


  13. Pamela Nelson Says:

    I was delighted to see your post on Thursday.


  14. John Goodreau Says:

    As a past resident of Michigan, I truly appreciate you daily MAILINGS of Michigan beauty and splendor. As someone going into his eighth decade, I suggest that you separate feelings from facts. A commonly made mistake today is to express outcomes based on intentions. Stick with the facts and more people will respect your opinions.

    Sent from my iPad



  15. Leslie Says:

    Good for you, I think you do a great job. My husband and I both really enjoy it , if there’s something we’re not interested in we look then delete. Not everyone is going to like everything all the time and some people don’t ever like anything, lol. Keep doing what you are doing and thanks for sharing.


  16. Marsha Eagle Says:

    I love this blog! I to as well must have missed the politics. I was born and raised in Michigan and when I found this blog I have been with it since. I enjoy watching the slide shows over morning coffee! Keep up the work, I love it and I love Michigan!!


  17. Ron Howard Says:

    Since I left Michigan, I have kept a sort of heartbeat with my home state through your pictures and descriptions. I love them ALL!! Keep doing what you do best and for the un-open minded hit the delete button. I truly admire persons who love and follow their passions!


  18. Sue Trupiano Says:

    I don’t live in Michiagn anymore and look forward with starting my day by looking at the new email. I appreciate the pictures and your comments very much. Some I keep in a folder, some I don’t. Sometimes I share the email with others from Michigan who are here in Minnesota. You are greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work!


  19. uperc Says:

    Keep on doing what you’re doing. Phooey on those with objections … they don’t have to look if they don’t like what they’re seeing.

    Applause, applause for standing your ground. :)


  20. Kitty Skarisky Says:

    I’m not sure how I got on the mailing list but I’m glad I did and I love your blog. The ONLY blog I like. I don’t even like my son’s blogs. I LOVE, ABSOLUTELY LOVE Michigan, so appreciate your love for it also. So Blog away and forget about the others……

    Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 15:01:58 +0000 To: sifeisty@hotmail.com


  21. Rebecca Morgan Says:

    Love your site and pictures. Keep it up.


  22. Stan rourke Says:

    Enjoy it very much Andy. Your dad would be very proud. Sure your mom is too. Stan


  23. Cindy Says:

    … “there’s a big wide internet out there so please feel free to unsubscribe now.” BEST BLOG STATEMENT EVER!!! If you live in MI and you don’t realize what an asset the Great Lakes are … you’re too ignorant to live here, Anybody ever think where the FRESH WATER pipeline is going to come from IF the drought out west continues?!!?


  24. Allie Says:

    Your blog, your content – too many whiny folks out there for my taste, lol! Keep up the good work, I love my home state too and really enjoy your posts.


  25. Debra Cook Says:

    Love your pictures and the postings……….keep up the great work :)


  26. Gwendolyn Says:

    Thank You so very much for sharing your love for Michigan!! I have rediscovered a great history and new places of wonderment through your blog about our awesome state, MICHIGAN! KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WRITING AND EXPLORATION OF OUR HOME, MICHIGAN!!!! :O)


  27. Allyn Salisbury Says:

    Thanks for keeping me connected. I love Michigan and always will. Keep doing what you are. Awareness is good


  28. Post what you think is important to you


  29. Cheryl Downs Says:

    I agree with you completely. I love you postings and pictures. Living on a chain of lakes in Branch County I know the need for protecting our treasured waters. We are blessed to live in this Beautiful Great State of Michigan.


  30. I love your blog and the pics you share. I’ve never left a comment, but feel you need a pat on the back about now. Keep doing your thing! It’s much appreciated.


  31. photocrawf Says:

    You are so right Andy! Imagine Michigan with out it’s nation’s-longest coastline? Unimaginable! Your blog is wonderful and you have given me a lot of great moments, thoughts, knowledge and inspiration. Thank you!


  32. wendy Says:

    Good Job!Keep it Up! I also love Michigan with all my heart, and love your posts. I wait each day to hear from you.Just wanted to thankyou for you site.my heart will be with the greatest state ever.This is my home and a special angel girl Kaitlyn spirit is there. God bless Michigan amd the US and bless you too!

    Michigan Girl


  33. Lynda Lindhardt Says:

    Bravo! I love your blog. I share your love of Michigan and appreciate the information and fantastic photos you are so generous to share with us. Keep up the good work!


  34. Ellen A. Stevens Says:

    I check this every day and love the pictures. As a photographer, I am always looking for the unique pictures you post. I totally missed the reason for comments, but every blogger hits a nerve now and again. Since I missed it, I am assuming it was environmental in nature and that is something that we all need to address in the most serious way. Love your pictures and keep on promoting and loving Michigan.


  35. Linda Singer Says:

    You’ve given me a jolt of joy every morning and much to share in my association’s blog and, particularly, on our Facebook page. You have the support of the Michigan Lake to Lake B&B Association: you’re our kind of guy.


  36. Paul Taylor Says:

    Well said. Blog on, even if we disagree.


  37. Steve Collins Says:

    “What you said!” Personally, you and I would probably disagree about any number of political issues. But…three thoughts: This is America; It’s YOUR blog!; and I wish our fellow citizens would have more of the attitude I remember experiencing 50 years ago in this exceptional nation, as epitomized by a banner that once appeared above the name of my hometown newspaper. I can’t remember who said it (maybe Voltaire?) – but the quote was “I may disagree with everything you SAY, but I will defend unto the death your right to SAY it”. Thank you for all you accomplish with your efforts. I love this blog.


  38. Barbara Says:

    Politics. What politics! A picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures speak volumes. They say no matter what your “politics” are, we can all agree to love our state. Thanks for the good times I’ve have enjoying your pictures.


  39. rstangi@chartermi.net Says:

    I to love Michigan born in Detroit 1938.Move to Charlevoix 1971. I did not mean to upset you. I love your blog.Yes it is yours.I look forward each day to see it. You cover all of Michigan. I’m in Miramar beach,Florida.Heading home to my MICHIGAN
    Tomorrow. Thanks. for sharing you’re blog

    Dick Stangis


  40. Teri Gegen Says:

    I love “Michigan In Pictures.” Keep on doing what you do. I was born and raised in Detroit, but have lived in Florida for 40 years and I still love Michigan. I missed whatever it was that caused such comments, but hey, you can’t please all the people all the time. So I say, blog on!


  41. Heather Says:

    I’m with the rest of the supportive folks commenting. I’m going on my 4th year here, loving it and also wanting to preserve it. I very much appreciate when you share bits of info about things that help us preserve this great state. Also love learning about places I might not know about because of the array of photos you share. Keep doing what you do!


  42. Lisa Says:

    I must have missed the politics post, too. Oh well!

    I was so excited when I found your blog, I love it! With the exception of an 8 year enlistment in the Navy, I’ve lived here all my life and am still exploring and seeing how beautiful it is. And the places I haven’t gotten to yet? I can get my fix with the posts here.

    Love the dino-kitties!


  43. Ruth Says:

    “Jolt of Joy”, “Blog on”, and “I love…” say it all for me about how I feel. Your work means so much to me as a Michigander living in Nashville, TN. Thank you!


  44. farlane Says:

    Thanks you Ruth, Lisa, Heather and everyone! Means so much to me!!


  45. […] top commented post was Michigan in Pictures is a blog, folks, which I posted after getting a bunch of negative comments after sharing a photo from a group […]


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