Milky Way at Tahquamenon Falls

April 30, 2014

Milky Way at Tahquamenon Falls

Milky Way at Tahquamenon Falls, photo by John McCormick

I try not to blog photos from the same photographer close together, but sometimes the photos have different ideas. John aka Michigan Nut took this shot on April 26th at Michigan’s largest waterfall and writes:

Upper Michigan still has over a foot of snow on the ground and the Tahquamenon river is RAGING from the runoff. The mist was freezing on my camera. I think the light on the left side of the image is coming from the little town of Paradise, Michigan.

The official Tahquamenon Falls Facebook has a great video of the spring flow which can approach 50,000 gallons per second!

View his photo of the Tahquamenon Falls bigger and see more in his jaw-dropping Michigan waterfalls slideshow.

More Tahquamenon Falls and more waterfalls on Michigan in Pictures.


3 Responses to “Milky Way at Tahquamenon Falls”

  1. Erin Bartels Says:

    Reblogged this on A Beautiful Fiction and commented:
    This lovely Michigan natural landmark is one of the places my sister and I are considering for our next hiking trip in September. And fantastic Michigan photographer John McCormick has captured a truly unique portrait of it. Gorgeous!


  2. Lisa Love Says:

    Just beautiful! I’m amazed that the amount of water can be measured.


  3. Betty LaForest Says:

    Picture is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!


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