#TBT: Detroit Trolley 1980 and Detroit’s Municipal Vehicle Auction

Detroit trolley 1980
Detroit trolley 1980, photo by creed_400

FOX News Detroit reports that the city of Detroit will be auctioning off hundreds of municipal vehicles on November 5th to raise money for the city:

“This is an opportunity to put out to the general public some high quality equipment and property we are hoping will generate some cash will go back to the departments and help buy equipment to serve the city of Detroit,” said Gary Brown, chief of staff.

The auction will begin on Nov. 5 and run for two days in a webcast/onsite public auction.

According to published reports there will be more than 450 vehicles including 115 automated side load garbage trucks, 79 transit buses and historic trolley cars. Also available will be 41 truck-mounted snow plows and 130 public lighting service vehicles.

Read on for more and note the picture of the trolleys – pretty sure this is one of them. I guess that’s one of the advantages of having 200,000+ photos available to choose from!! Here’s the full info from the City with links to the online auction site and information about the vehicles being auctioned.

View creed’s photo background big and see lots more in his Grandpa Molt’s slides slideshow.

More #TBT on Michigan in Pictures!

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