Copper Harbor Sunset

Copper Harbor Sunset by John McCormick

Copper Harbor Sunset, photo by John McCormick

John says this is one of his favorite shots from last year. Click to view it bigger, follow him on Facebook and visit to view and purchase this and other pics.

5 thoughts on “Copper Harbor Sunset

  1. Very beautiful part of our state that I have never been to. We sell U.P. pasties in the Plymouth area, and the woman who makes them, uses her heirloom family recipe from Copper Harbor. All our customer’s tell us that we should go there because of how beautiful it is. Thanks for a glimpse


    1. I’m in Dexter, where in Plymouth do you sell the U.P. recipe pasties? P.S. Beautiful picture…been to Copper Harbor dozens of times (family from Baraga & Pelkie)!


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