Waterfall Wednesday: Lower Hungarian Falls

Lower Falls

Lower Falls, photo by eahackne

It’s Wednesday so let’s make friends with one of Michigan’s 200+ named waterfalls. GoWaterfalling.com’s page on Hungarian Falls says:

Just downstream of the middle falls is the lower falls. This is a 50 foot drop over sheer cliff face. This is a frustrating waterfall. In low water conditions, the water is spread so thinly across the cliff that it is not especially scenic. It is also hard to get a clear view of the falls. You can get to the top of the falls fairly easily, but cannot see a whole lot. Getting into the gorge for a better view is difficult, especially when the water is flowing, as the ground is likely to be wet and snow and ice may still be present. But when the water is high, this is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Michigan.

Just downstream of the lower falls a side stream falls into the gorge. This stream carries even less water than Dover Creek and probably only has a significant amount of water during the spring melt.

The falls are easy to reach. From Route 26 in Hubbel turn west onto 6th street. A dirt road forks off of 6th street to the left. Take this road. It climbs up pretty steeply. Take the first left that you can, and this will lead you to a small parking area. A trail follows the gorge upstream to the falls. The middle falls is the easiest to reach. There are trails on both sides of the gorge, and a bridge crosses the creek between the middle and upper falls. Another bridge crosses the creek well downstream of all the falls. There is no real trail to the lower falls.

View Eric’s photo bigger on Flickr and see more views of Hungarian Falls right here!

Lots more Michigan waterfalls on Michigan in Pictures.

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