Waterfall Wednesday: Catching Fire at O Kun de Kun Falls

O Kun de Kun Falls falls on the Baltimore River

O Kun de Kun Falls, photo by Tom Mortenson

GoWaterfalling’s page on the O Kun de Kun Falls says in part:

O Kun de Kun Falls is one of the largest of the waterfalls in Ontanagon county. It is not as large as Bond Falls or Agate Falls, but it is just as scenic and far wilder. It is a mile plus hike to O Kun de Kun Falls and there are no fences or signs. The waterfall is also unusual in that it is an actual plunge falls. Only a handful of the many waterfalls around Lake Superior are plunge falls. You can go behind the falls if you want, but you need to be careful and sure footed.

Read on for more including directions. You can also check out the Ottawa National Forest page on O Kun de Kun Falls for a satellite map of the area.

If you’re wondering about the name of the falls, it was after a famous chief, Kun de Kun meaning “To Keep Up the Net” from the Leach Lake band of Ottawa. Here’s a picture of him!

Last Tuesday Tom took us to Bond Falls, and he returns this morning with a shot from O Kun de Kun showing that fall color is finally kicking off! View it background big and view lots more of his waterfall photos on Flickr.

More fall wallpaper and more waterfalls on Michigan in Pictures.

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