MotorCity Horseman

Durell Robinson MotorCity Horsemen

Durell Montgomery of the Motorcity Horsemen, photo courtesy Apiary Projects

Here’s a cool benefit for MotorCity Horsemen at Two James Spirits of Detroit that my friend Andrea Maio of Detroit-based media production company Apiary shared:

Come celebrate the grit, determination and integrity that is #thespiritofdetroit with the December 13, 2015 premiere of our Johnny Smoking Gun Whiskey video featuring Durell Montgomery of MotorCity Horsemen with an original score by Flint Eastwood. Sponsored by Two James Spirits and Johnny Noodle King and produced by Woodbridge based boutique media production company Apiary, in collaboration with Territory Post Production and Assemble sound, the video highlights the story of Durell Montgomery, the dynamic young founder and owner of Motorcity Horsemen; a self identified cowboy who rides his horses along city streets and aims to start a riding center within the city limits of Detroit.

Click for more about MotorCity Horsemen.

The photo is a screen grab from the opening of the video. As promise, here is the video and here’s a link to Motor City Horsemen’s Go Fund Me campaign!

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