Cyber Monday: 1950s Edition

Computers in the 1950s

Computers in the 1950s, photo courtesy Archives of Michigan

Sorry – this post was supposed to publish on Monday morning but it didn’t!

This Cyber Monday, I encourage you to consider a print from one of the many fine photographers featured on Michigan in Pictures! In addition to supporting one of the fine men & women who make this blog possible, it shares your love of Michigan and supports Michigan’s economy!

Regarding the photo, Seeking Michigan writes:

This image most likely depicts a Bendix computer model G-15. Although undated, it was probably taken during the last half of the 1950s. The Michigan State Highway Department offices would seem the likely setting. (The words “Department of Transportation” are stamped on the reverse side. The Michigan State Highway Department is a predecessor agency of the Michigan DOT.)

View it bigger on Flickr, see more in their General Photographic Collection slideshow and definitely tune into the Archives of Michigan at!

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