Summer in December?

Summer in December

Untitled, photo by Alissa Hankinson

While average highs this time of year in West Michigan are in the mid 30s, WZZM-13 reports that record high temperatures were set in many West Michigan locations yesterday:

Grand Rapids has broken the record high temperature of 57°, with a reported observation of 61°. The previous record stood for almost a century, since 1920.

Kalamazoo, Lansing and Muskegon have also surpassed previous records, each reaching 63°. Kalamazoo’s previous record sat at 59° since 1991, Lansing’s at 56° since 1975 and Muskegon’s record of 59° was in place since 1960.

The Freep adds that records were set of 61 in Detroit (topping 60 from all the way back in 1881) and 64! in Flint crushing the old high of 55 from 1991!! A look at Michigan’s current weather readings shows Flint at 61 and Ypsilanti and Benton Harbor at 60. In fact the only location in Michigan at the freezing mark is Copper Harbor!!

View Alissa’s photo bigger and see more in her Michigan’s West Lakeshore slideshow.

One thought on “Summer in December?

  1. I hate this warm weather. I live in Michigan to experience all the seasons–including winter. I want snow and I want cold! Not arctic cold.. but just cold!


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