Ten Years of Michigan in Pictures

Ludington Lighthouse by RJE

Ludington Lighthouse, photo by RJE

10 years ago today, I posted “A Pond in Bald Mountain” as the very first photo on Michigan in Pictures. 3000+ posts later, I’m still at it. RJE has been sharing photos with me for almost all of those 10 years – thanks to him and everyone else who helps make Michigan in Pictures something that is fun and exciting for me and to all of you for staying with me for so long!

View the photo from November of 2005 background big and see more of RJE’s lighthouse shots on Flickr.


12 thoughts on “Ten Years of Michigan in Pictures

  1. Thank you (and all those who help you) for all the beautiful pictures and a lot of very fond memories!

    Best Wishes for a Great New Year!

    Pam B


  2. This site is the first that I check every morning. It is a tremendous way to begin the day. Thank you so much for your continued efforts.


  3. As an old Yooper, MSU grad, living in Virginia, I open this email every day and soak in the charm and beauty of Michigan thanks to your generosity, talent and sweet labor. I often drop the photo into my screensaver slide show and enjoy them even more often.


  4. We always enjoy seeing the spectacular photos of the Ludington North Breakwater Light. For 6 years we have been SPLKA volunteers at that light. SPLKA volunteers are alway needed. It’s an enjoyable volunteer vacation..meeting people from the US and abroad..sharing our portion of Michigan History.. and making longlasting friendships with other SPLKA volunteers!! Come Join Us!!

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