Yellow Dog Falls and Michigan’s Water

Yellow Dog Falls near Big Bay

Yellow Dog Falls near Big Bay, photo by Michigan Nut Photography

Have I said lately how great Go Waterfalling is? It’s the best! There’s comprehensive and informative listing with solid advice for visiting waterfalls in Michigan, neighboring Ontario & Wisconsin and the rest of the nation from California to West Virginia.

The Go Waterfalling page on Yellow Dog Falls says (in part):

Yellow Dog Falls is the name given to the main drop on the Yellow Dog River east of Country Road 510. The river steadily descends on it way down to Lake Superior, and there are at least seven drops of varying sizes. Many are only a few feet in height. At Yellow Dog Falls the river drops over 20 feet in a short distance. This feature is distinctive because of the large boulder that splits the falls in two.

The falls is located off of County Road 510. Just south of the bridge over the Yellow Dog River there is a small parking area on the east side. There is a trail to the main falls, which are about 1 mile downstream. The trail continues, but becomes increasingly faint for another mile or so, taking you past half a dozen rapids and small falls.

More including directions, maps and photos at Go Waterfalling.

Full disclosure: I can’t talk about the without thinking about the Eagle Mine, a ticking time bomb that sits at the headwaters of this beautiful river. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on this mine, pro and con. I will say that acid sulfide mines have done this to rivers in the West and that acid mines from a hundred years ago in Colorado and two thousand years ago in the Roman Empire continue to seep pollution.

A decade ago I worked with a group of local citizens, business owners, and organizations on Save the Wild UP, an organization dedicated to keeping sulfide mining out of Michigan.The mine was ultimately established and more are planned, including uranium mines. Sulfide mines, and any project that carries a significant risk of pollution are not Pure Michigan in any way, and I will always call to reject threats like this to the water that is our economic and spiritual lifeblood.

John aka Michigan Nut writes: Yellow Dog Falls near Big Bay, Michigan. It was really quite remarkable what little snow and ice there was on Christmas Day. The road to this falls is normally part of a designated snowmobile trail this time of year.

View the photo bigger and see lots more on the Michigan Nut Photography Facebook page.

More mighty Michigan waterfalls on Michigan in Pictures.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Dog Falls and Michigan’s Water

  1. Great image of a beautiful fall. The Eagle Mine is a regrettable blight on the Yellow Dog Watershed, one of the last true wilderness areas of our great state. The mine provides good paying jobs desperately needed in the area. The cost of which, only future generations will be able to determine. The definition of progress is just as subjective as beauty.


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