Help Keep Michigan in Pictures Rockin’

Frankfort Rock Gallery 2008

Rain Comes (Frankfort Rock Gallery), photo by Andrew McFarlane

As you may know, 2016 is my 11th year of making Michigan in Pictures. I really love doing it and am certainly going to keep it up as long as I am able. It does take a bunch of my time that might otherwise be spent working or getting out to see some of Michigan’s beauty, so I’ve been looking for a way to subsidize it that doesn’t involve ads, paywalls, or other annoyances.

Yesterday, I was reading a blog and saw they had a button to support them using a web service called Patreon. I checked it out, and it basically allows readers to become patrons of blogs they enjoy. Seemed like a great idea to me so I have set it up. If you’d like to donate a buck or more a month, I would very much appreciate it! Click here for my Patreon donations.

OK, on to today’s photo. Back in August of 2007, I was out walking with my friend Ken Lake on Frankfort beach. About a mile north of town we rounded a point and came upon a wondrous site – hundreds of balanced rock sculptures comprised of thousands of rocks. It remains one of the coolest works of art I’ve ever seen, and also a total mystery. I’ve still never heard who built these or why.

You can view this photo background bigtacular and see more in my Rock Gallery slideshow.

PS: Here’s a video I shot of these scene. The audio on this is kind of loud and crappy – sorry. ;)

7 thoughts on “Help Keep Michigan in Pictures Rockin’

    1. Hey Maryjo, it’s 100% up to you whether or not you want to contribute. Nobody’s forcing you. I’m trying to offset something that takes a lot of time every week away from my family and paying work. Not sure what could possibly be wrong with that.


  1. I love MIP. I follow it daily, just like you would newspaper or magazine subscriptions that you PAY for. But MIP is produced by a guy who has carved out part of his life and given it up freely for 11 yrs., all to share enjoyment and edification of our great State. A few bucks from as many folks as are able to give isn’t too much to ask. Thanks Andrew, for sharing the beauty of Michigan all these years.

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  2. I just spent over a hour watching the video regarding the rock pile, think it was in Frankfort. Plus all of the videos on Henry Ford and all of the videos (historical) that followed. Fantastic !! You do good work!
    Please give me an address where I may send a check.


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