Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

Something in the Air

Something in the Air, photo by Brian Wolfe

Another day, another mass shooting – this time in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Beyond right and left, can we all agree that we need to figure out why we’re the only nation in the world who has this tragic problem and work on actually addressing this problem?

I’m guessing bolstering our gutted mental health system is a great place to start.

View Brian’s photo from Kalamazoo’s Bronson Park background big and see more in his Black & White slideshow.

13 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

    1. The only Jihad I see in Kalamazoo is one against life and sense. I think your comment is stupid, but you illustrate my point perfectly about the politicization of what is at its heart a non-political, public safety issue.

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    2. Not clear what you point is there, Charle Market. Do you mean “Stop the Jihad against Christianity”, and also the jihad against self defense? So you’re against the jihad against self defense? Somebody has a jihad against self defense (possibly Obama?!)? Are there jackbooted thugs involved? Or do you just like to use the word “jihad” whenever you can?

      By the way, what a stupid comment. Innocent people get gunned down in Kalamazoo and you trot out this nonsense.


  1. Yes, it’s abundantly clear that we have a mental health problem in our country and we must devote our attention to it – for everyone’s sake.

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  2. Definitely agreed about our mental health system. But also our healthcare in general. As a nation, we spend so much on healthcare, yet we don’t see the outcomes other nations do. Why? I think it’s inter-related.

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  3. Thank you! Well said and wonderful image to go along!

    Catherine L. Herron, MA, BMT


    Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe

    313.473.1656 (dept.) ________________________________

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  4. Just one correction in your comment. It’s not just happening here in the US. Norway, Australia and of course France that I can think of.


      1. I think the height of senseless shootings occur in the US. I don’t know how we rate per capita, but we have far too many guns available to people who are incapable of using them with any sense of morality or common sense. Terrorist shootings are a separate sect of this category.


      2. Well, you never know, maybe this dude in K’zoo thinks he’s a terrorist. The mass shootings in general instill terror in us, when is where is the next one?


  5. Well, mental illness may be a part of or all of the problem in the Kzoo murders and in a larger sense it might speak to the numbness to violence thru our video games and movies and other triggers. Not much can be done about that except perhaps better mental healthcare. The problem would still exist. My comment was a short way of saying mass killings almost exclusively occur in gun free zones where nobody can defend themselves with equivalent force. Those of us who are trained should be able to carry a concealed weapon for self defense. Also missing is GOD. He (or she) has been driven out of the public sensibility under the false pretense of “freedom from religion” replacing “freedom of religion”. Wrong does not equal right and fewer people today can discern the difference. You do not need to be a religious nut to abide by the 10 Commandments and recognize the goodness that flows from them. Christianity is the true religion of peace. “Love GOD and love your neighbor as you love yourself”.
    BTW, I love the photos in this blog and they lift my spirits every day.


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