Without a doubt warmer

Fancy Anvil

Fancy Anvil, photo by Liz Glass

Every time I talk about things that some find political, there are readers who get uncomfortable/upset. I’m OK with that, especially in regards to today’s subject which I personally feel has moved beyond the realm of opinion and into fact. Your mileage may vary. 

One thing that struck me is that it doesn’t really matter what is causing the warming temperatures – we know that dumping carbon into the atmosphere increases the temperature, so we know how to combat it.

NASA’s Earth Observatory reported that February 2016 was the warmest month in 136 years of modern temperature records in that it deviated more from normal than any month on record since reliable, global records began in 1880. For what this means, let’s turn to Mashable for the implications of this fiery February:

The 1.35-degree Celsius temperature anomaly in February beat the anomaly recorded in January, which itself was a record high departure from average for any month. This means that temperatures in February 2016 had the largest departure from average of any month in NASA’s records since 1880. To put it more plainly, February stands out for its unusual heat more than any other month in the modern climate record.

…As Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann has pointed out via social media, the NASA February temperature findings are especially significant when compared to preindustrial temperatures. Before humans began pumping carbon dioxide into the air from burning fossil fuels like coal and oil, global average surface temperatures were far cooler.

When compared to those conditions, Mann says, February was probably about 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, above the preindustrial average for the globe.

You can read on for lots more … or not.

View Liz’s photo bigger and see more in her 500+ Views slideshow.

PS: Apologies to Liz for once again using her photo in a possibly controversial post. She’s the owner of Lake Street Market in Boyne City and (as far as I know) not at all controversial! ;)

6 thoughts on “Without a doubt warmer

  1. May I assume, then, that you are sympathetic to increasing the use of nuclear power plants here in the U.S. – in order to cut down on greenhouse emissions? After all, it’s clear to anyone that none of the other alternative energy sources that have been mentioned – sun or wind or whatever – can possible do anything to help.



    1. If we can solve the problem of waste and adverse environmental impact, heck yes! I am in favor of what’s known as “Environmental Full-cost Accounting” wherein subsidies, cleanup costs, environmental damage, waste storage, adverse health impacts, and other costs to society are rightly included in the cost of energy. Solar and wind can work, but they are not “economical” in comparison to generation methods whose true costs aren’t factored in. I don’t see this as any kind of pie-in-the-sky or fanciful thinking, but rather as cold hard dollars and sense.


  2. There are several things irritate me about this global warming crap. One is the ignoring the fact that natural statistical variation even exists. The other is the impossibility of predicting global climate change for centuries based on monthly or yearly data. Another is the very rudimentary and spotty measurements of temperature historically over centuries. Another is assuming the current temperature is accurately normalized statistically over the entire globe since they did not have weather satellites until the late 20th century. Another thing is the zelotry with which the global warmists go after those who believe in data and do not worship opinion. Another is how scientists’ opinions are taken as fact. Another is how data is twisted like the debunked Eastern Alia (SP?) Hockey Stick Chart is adopted as the holy grail. Another is that global warming is a main driver is wealth redistribution from the people to the powerful. It now has become political and not scientific. I would love to have a more reasoned and public discussion about how sunspot activity and volcanic activity and to a minor degree Human activity is affecting the climate, but some zelots are pushing legislation to make it against the law to not believe in “Climate Change”. Wake up people, you are being duped by the powerful and the wealthy with the help of the ignorant.


  3. Dear Farlane…Thanks again for pointing out the global warming fact that accompanies today’s photo. You’ve put some really cool photo’s on your website this past week and some amazing history to accompany each one of them. I know that you probably didn’t plan to be an “educator” when you started Michigan In Pictures but that’s exactly what the website has evolved into in my book. All of these beautiful photographs with history and published facts to back them up! Keep up this amazing service. Jim Schaefer…former Flint resident in Sheboygan, WI Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 11:45:53 +0000 To: schaeferjames@hotmail.com


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