Blackcaps: Blackberry or Black Raspberry?

Blackcaps Michigan Blackberries

Blackcaps, photo by David Marvin

When I first saw these, I was sure they were blackberries, but after reviewing Blackberry or Black Raspberry? from Identify that Plant, I’m changing my mind. They say that Blackberry (Rubus allegheniensis) is frequently confused with Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis).

I’m leaning towards Black raspberry based on the appearance of the berry, but I could certainly be wrong. What do you think?

View David’s photo background bigilicious and see more in his macro goodness in his slideshow.

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10 thoughts on “Blackcaps: Blackberry or Black Raspberry?

  1. I agree with Karen and Pat. Blackberries are much larger and longer. In a good year I have found blackberries that are half the length of my thumb. On those occasions the bears and I scramble to harvest a share.


  2. Brings back memories of picking blackberries long ago. Haven’t seen them like this since. They were beautiful and delicious. They made a luscious pie.
    I would say these are definitely blackberries!!


  3. From a naturalist – when you pick the berry if there’s a “hole” in the berry (druplet) where it was picked, it’s a raspberry. If there’s a solid core in the berry, it’s a blackberry.


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