Happy 2017, Michigan!


The Spirit of Detroit, photo by walker_bc

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy 2017 to everyone. While there’s certainly a lot of alarming winds swirling, I hope that some of Rilke’s things that have never been make us all better, stronger, and safer.

View Walker’s photo of the Spirit of Detroit background bigtacular and see more in his slideshow.

More about the Spirit of Detroit on Michigan in Pictures.

5 thoughts on “Happy 2017, Michigan!

    1. Well, for me it’s just my favorite statue in Michigan with a dash of hopes for the Lions! The sculptor Marshall Fredericks who lived in Michigan much of his life wrote: “I want more than anything in the world to do sculpture which will have real meaning for other people, many people, and might in some way encourage, inspire or give them happiness.”

      So that too – Happy New Year Jon!

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  1. Happy 2017 to you, as well. I love the Spirit of Detroit statue. I remember as a little girl when it was mounted in downtown Detroit. I was 5 years old then. I still love it. I look forward to your blog in the new year.

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