Fog rolling over the Narrows

Fog rolling in over the Narrows, photo by Unique View Photography

Here’s a look at North & South Lake Leelanau with “The Narrows” in between. I live just off the right edge of this picture and thought it was pretty cool how the spring fog completely covered Lake Michigan in this picture, creating a lake of fog!

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More aerial photos on Michigan in Pictures.

6 thoughts on “Fog rolling over the Narrows

  1. Sure do enjoy your site. There used to be a excellent live cam from a private property along the shore of Good Harbor. It was a great view of Pyramid Point and both of the Manitou Islands. Living out of state I had regularly used it as a way of feeling like I was actually there. Are there any others you might know about other than the one at Fishtown in Leland ?




  2. I also live just off the right edge of this picture, and I did not think it was pretty cool to be deprived of the sun that day, after about 4 months of no sun .. grrrr. Still, today looks hopeful!


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