Lift Off: Movement Detroit Edition

Lift Off 197/365, photo by Vishal Patel

I hope everyone is ready for the launch of summer 2017. Given the tension in the world, I’ve got a feeling it will be memorable. Hopefully not in a bad way but I admit, I worry.

If you’re looking for a new and fun way to kick off the summer, consider the Movement Electronic Music Festival this Saturday – Monday (May 27-29) in downtown Detroit. It takes place every Memorial Day weekend in the birthplace of Techno music with 6 stages and over 100 acts.

View the photo bigger and see more in Vishal’s Project 365 slideshow.

3 thoughts on “Lift Off: Movement Detroit Edition

  1. Dear Farlane,

    Is this a photo of the Belle Isle bridge with fog on the Detroit river making an optical illusion of the bridge street lights firing rockets and launching the bridge “off the river’s surface”? Please reply…Jim Schaefer


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jim! Good to hear from you. It is the bridge in the mist making that illusion. Pretty darned cool image! I hope you have a good weekend and a great summer!


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