Update from the Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station

First Whale of the Season, photo by Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station

The Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station has posted the first “confirmed” sighting of a whale for the summer of 2017:

This is the first confirmed whale sighting of the season on Lake Michigan. We appreciate the photo, however we strongly advise against getting this close to a whale. The kayak party from Lombard, IL spent the 4th of July weekend near Good Hart, MI. They reported seeing from the beach what looked like whale activity 200-300 yards offshore.

We expect more reports over the next 2-3 weeks and appreciate any efforts to share them with us via Facebook Message. Please record location, date and time of sightings, and stay at least 30 yards away from migrating whales. Stay safe!

View the photo bigger and definitely follow the Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station on Facebook for more updates!

21 thoughts on “Update from the Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station

  1. You know that this is a hoax, don’t you? Snopes.com explains that these are digitally manipulated photos. No whales in Lake Michigan—sorry.


      1. It is harder to tell fact from fiction these days. I’m checking snopes more often and not laughing as much. For a minute, I thought you might be a Republican.

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      2. ” and a Washington, D.C. man who formerly sold vodka and ran a teen beauty pageant before being elected president of the United States did not respond publicly to reports that he hung a fake Time magazine cover featuring a portrait of himself in at least four of his golf courses,” copied from Harpers Weekly

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  2. I think it is only fair that you should acknowledge that this is totally fiction.



  3. As a Southerner, the upper Midwest seems such a strange place that suspension of disbelief is my default outlook.

    Strange mostly in good ways.

    I took the bait.

    I’m still chuckling to myself about my gullibility.



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