This United States of America stuff is for real folks.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re a person who doesn’t like my personal comments and viewpoints, particularly when they veer into the political realm, please consider browsing the beach, lighthouse, or animals categories today because you better believe I am veering that direction today.

I’d like to add that I recognize that for many of you, Michigan in Pictures is a place to go to retreat from the cares of the world, and I appreciate that what I share has that effect much of the time. Michigan in Pictures is also a creative outlet for me, and since I’m a person who is fiercely committed to preserving our land & water and the future of my children and the futures of others, you’re going to have to accept that sometimes those concerns will be reflected here. 

The last Fallout shelter, photo by Richard Deming Photography

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. He has been very threatening beyond a normal state. And as I said, they will be met with fire, fury, and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.”
-President Donald J. Trump

Helter skelter in a summer swelter
The birds flew off with a fallout shelter
Eight miles high and falling fast
-Don McClean, American Pie

Yesterday’s Detroit Free Press had a breezy bit on the Nukemap, a web app that lets you play around with nuclear explosions. If you’d like to see what North Korea can do to us, their warheads are somewhere in the 15-25 kiloton range these days. While you’re there you could check out what our own “fire & fury” would do to the Korean Peninsula, Japan & China were we to nuke Pyongyang. Our weapons are in the multiple megaton range and do a heck of a lot more damage.

President Trump’s remarks above were apparently unscripted, delivered from a press conference on opioids from his private golf club, and directed at one of the world’s biggest madmen, Kim Jong-un, who was making threats following the implementation of new and tougher international sanctions that the UN Security Council voted 15-0 to impose just last week. They are expected to remove 1/3 of North Korea’s trade revenue.

In the event your geopolitics are hazy, North & South Korea are each about the size of the UP, yet the population of the Korean Peninsula is almost 75 million people. The threat to unleash “fire & fury” on North Korea is like threatening to nuke North Dakota. It’s going to make South Dakota (South Korea), Minnesota (Japan), and Canada (China) and many others extremely concerned. Unlike that scenario, everything is much closer together and simply overflowing with all kinds of conventional and nuclear weaponry.

I urge anyone who is uncomfortable with this to contact your Representative & Senators and urge them to take this whole business of governing our nation a hell of a lot more seriously. In my opinion, Congress needs to take back war powers granted in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and provide a check on the President’s reckless impulses.

Apologies to Richard who has had a bunch of great photos on Michigan in Pictures over the years for using his dramatic picture in dramatic fashion. View the photo bigger and see more in Richard’s Things I’ve Seen in Grand Rapids slideshow.

OK, here’s American Pie by Don McClean because it’s the perfect song for this sort of time:

24 thoughts on “This United States of America stuff is for real folks.

    1. I assume and hope you are talking about Kim Jong Un. If you are not you need to think again. He is the adman in all this. We should be glad we have a president smart enough to make extremely STRONG statements back at his regime. It is a know fact that putting your tail between your legs when you confront a bully on the street does not fair well. Americans need to get a spine and truly understand that throwing a little scare tactic back their way is a smart move.


      1. Neither does making empty threats that would result in the devastation of your allies were you to carry them out.

        And I think it’s pretty clear that Mr Won the Popular Vote with Largest Inaugural in History has more than a couple of screws loose as well.

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      2. No, I am not talking about Kim Jong Un, although he may be as mad. Two madmen staring each other down with the rest of us positioned to take the fall should not be anyone’s idea of a smart move for either one.


  1. I hate “American Pie”–contender for Worst Song Ever Written–but I don’t hate your comments. And I’m not comforted one bit by Secretary of State Exxon’s assurances that we should all sleep well at night. We all need to take this very seriously and do whatever it takes to stop this madman. The photo, with its quaint vintage feel, is now ominous.

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  2. Every time Donny opens his mouth, I visualize Nikita pounding the podium with his shoe. Wars are the failure of politicians who strut around their golf courses and parade grounds spouting epithets. It is the the mass of humanity who pay the terrible price for their bluster. Shout your dismay as loudly and as often as possible.

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  3. As a child growing up in Lansing, MI in the early 1950s we had regular “air raid drills” when we would leave the school building and sit in the underpass tunnel under Cedar Street. I hope that is all in the past.

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  4. I was a child in Norfolk, Virginia. I don’t recall any “air raid drills.” I have supposed, since the world’s largest naval base was there and would have been a primary target of nuclear attack, we would have all been as vaporized as the children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Like many another thing, I had thought we, in the U.S. were becoming more mature.

    As I said after 8 November, find a group with values with which you agree… join… support… work as hard and smart as you can.

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  5. Andy, for all the beauty you have shown us here, and for doing it every day, without pay, you’ve earned the right to engage your listeners on this one. Absolutely no need to backpedal or apologize to anyone. Thank you. Shout if from the rooftops, everybody: this guy who is currently president is not normal .. never forget that. Never! The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

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  6. Apologies if someone else already posted this:
    I can’t believe you didn’t link to the version of American Pie!
    Filmed in one shot in Grand Rapids, MI!

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    1. Especially considering I featured this on my Absolute Michigan website back in 2011!! It’s better I think because I can come back with this tomorrow. Thank you Tina!!


  7. I don’t care what your political views are, and as an American, I say it’s YOUR website and you can post whatever you want, political or not. Keep up the great job! I look forward to your posts every day! Peace 😻😻

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  8. For years I’ve been listening to, reading comments about north Korea’s dictator. The experts either wrung their hands or poked fun at his hair style. Sanctions don’t seem to have worked. Were you not worried about Kim Jong Un’s aims at the US?


  9. it is just those in control trying to be something they dont have the balls to do. it wont happen because of all those other countries that will be affect by fallout or… i wish the attention to be turned back to the US which is in need of massive shoring up, that is if we are to be great, which i thought we already were, again.


  10. For me, it’s making threats that you not only can’t back up, but have no way of backing up. North Korea isn’t Syria or even Iraq. It’s a tightly controlled nation whose military infrastructure is dug into mountains and trained on our allies in South Korea, Japan, and elsewhere. It’s physically adjacent to South Korea & China. Whatever we do, millions and millions of allies and Chinese citizens would die. That would make them extraordinarily angry, and unlike North Korea, there’s a whole lot China can do about it.

    We literally do not have the option of military action without China & South Korea signing on. It’s that simple.


  11. Thank you for Michigan in Pictures. And thank you for this post. ( I am a few days behind in reading it ) I personally try to stay away from politics, but am glad you spoke out about the reckless stupidity of the current administration. Everyday I am convinced it can’t get worse. Or more unbelievable. But every day…….IT DOES. Just UNBELIEVABLE. I will continue to look at your website because t gives me hope that there are people in this world who think with reason. And I am proud to be a Michigander. You give me hope for the future of our country. So……thank…….you.

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  12. I very much am only beginning to understand a lot of things… in particular about this American Experiment.

    Like a lot of us, I assumed I understood enough about both the history and current situation of our fifty states (plus territories and more).

    Some of that silo thinking was just me. Some of it was enabled by less than effective public and schooling education.

    Now, rather late to the dance, sites like this and my deepening environmental involvements (particularly with Aldo Leopold’s land ethic), with the Episcopal Peace Fellowship… and many newly found links… to Michigan… to the whole upper midwest… to the various California and Cascadia communities… to “The Old Southwest”… I’m evolving into something more like an “American.” (Still with strong elements of my Virginia/North Carolina sensibilities… it would take too long to explain…)

    By the way, going back to the trivialized “Frontier Thesis” of Wisconsinite Frederick Jackson Turner has also advanced my grasp of what happened after “we” went across the Appalachian Mountains… and after “we” added a lot of different values from people different from my own British-centric background.



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