Three of Many

Three of Many, photo by smfmi

View the photo from the Poseyville wetland in Midland County bigger and see more in smfmi’s Birds slideshow.

3 thoughts on “Three of Many

  1. Dear Farlane…I just opened up today’s post of Michigan egrets and then watched the bird slideshow. Absolutely amazing! I especially enjoyed the photos of falcons, Canadian geese and their goslings, ducks and the male and female cardinals. We have a lot of these same birds right here in Sheboygan, WI where I live 10-blocks from Lake Michigan. We have more than our share of sea gulls, which the locals call “flying rats” because of their scavenging abilities. I am a passionate conservationist for ALL creatures furry and feathered in Michigan and Wisconsin. I strongly suspect that you are a passionate conservationist also, judging from all of the nature photo’s posted on your Michigan In Pictures website. Keep all of those wonderful Michigan nature photo’s coming. Sincerely…Jim Schaefer



    1. Thank you as always for your thoughtful commentary from across the pond! I lived in Wausau for a few years and it was indeed hard to tell Wisconsin from Michigan out in the woods.

      I am pretty passionate about conservation and starting to fool around with birding, so I bet there will be more!


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