Somewhere out there

Beauty Untouched, photo by James Eye View Photography

“Goodbye doesn’t mean forever. Let me tell you goodbye doesn’t mean we’ll never be together again.”
-David Gates (The Goodbye Girl)

Good morning everyone. I’m writing to let you know that while I will be posting periodically, for the foreseeable future Michigan in Pictures won’t be a daily blog. While sharing photos & info about Michigan is far and away one of my favorite things to do, it unfortunately doesn’t help me pay the bills and is actually making it harder to do that.

It’s a hard decision, but with limited time and money, I don’t really have a choice. All of your support has been great over these twelve years: photographers sharing their photos, patrons contributing through Patreon, and every one of you for following, reading, and sharing the pics & posts. You all are awesome and while I won’t be posting daily, I will try and share photos when I can.

If you need a fix, be sure to check in on the Absolute Michigan pool because many of the photographers featured here post their pics there!

View the photo background bigtacular and see more in James’ The Great Lakes slideshow.

39 thoughts on “Somewhere out there

  1. Ugh WordPress lost my post.

    I am sorry to read this Farlane! Your posts brighten mine and many others lives. If it is a matter of funds, which may not be the full issue, have you considered a Paypal donation button? I belong to a scrapbook group/podcast that funds their posts and podcast expenses via this route. A simple $5 donation helps with their expenses. Only a thought.

    Your daily posts will be missed.

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    1. I have tried a number of tactics over the years, and while I got some donations, the best I ever did was about $250/year. Sadly, “free” is the value that most folks have for online content. When I was making more money, that was easier.


      1. Darn – I wasn’t aware that you had a donations option? I certainly would have supported it. It does feel awkward when it’s been free content for awhile but I’m sure that the vast majority of people don’t realize there are expenses in doing what you do. Again – just to reaffirm YOU WILL BE MISSED! Your pictures and posts brightened up even the most gloomy yuckiest of Michigan days.


  2. I am truly sorry to hear this, Farlane. For a long time, but especially over the past year, opening up one of your interesting and beautiful blog posts has helped get my days off to a better start. I wish I could have contributed more to help keep you around on a daily basis and I totally understand your need to do other things with your time–like earning a living.

    Still, you will be much missed, and I hope you manage to post now and then when the spirit moves you. I’m not sure I Know My Michigan Turtles completely yet! Very best wishes and thanks sincerely for many years of enjoyment and enlightenment.

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  3. Completely understood!

    Thank you and bless you!

    Catherine L. Herron, MA, BMT


    Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe

    313.473.1656 (dept.) ________________________________

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  4. Very sorry to read this news about the ending of this daily Michigan blog, Farlane! I see that you have 30,502 followers. But, we have all been enjoying your posts (primarily) free of charge — so understandable that this is not a lucrative enterprise. If it were a subscription service, how much would people be willing to pay to continue this publication? And would it be enough to make it sustainable? Perhaps not. But, you might certainly find that there is enough interest for folks to subscribe to say a weekly post — and provide you some revenue. Just a thought.

    We have all enjoyed the photos and the stories about Michigan. So thank you very much for your 12 years of dedicated blogging! We appreciate your thoughtful commentary and occasional history lesson about Michigan.

    All my best!

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    1. I’ve tried to do this a couple of ways and was able to bring in about $250 per year through Patreon … meaning I was getting about 50 cents an hour. It’s sad but the price that people are willing to pay for online content like this is very close to zero. I understand – there’s a lot of fish in that internet ocean.


  5. Thank You for your blog and it has been a regular part of our lives .Nobody does it better and the reasons that you are changing course are very understandable. You’re not going away and are a vital part of the Michigan scene for all of us. Wm. J.Bennett

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  6. While I get it (about bills), I will truly miss my daily fix.

    I love everything about the blog – the selection of photos, your knowledge and politics, everything.

    Thank you for the care and delight you have provided.

    May you quickly be successful beyond your wildest dreams (so that you can take up a daily blog again!)

    Kaylyn Wingo

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  7. As others have said you were a wonderful start to my day. Couldn’t say how many time I’ve forwarded your blog to family and friends. Just had to share.
    I too was not aware that we had an option to donate. Do like the person’s idea for a donation button but alas, probably too late now.
    We all wish you the very best in all you do. AGAIN!!

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  8. Thank you so much for your time and efforts brightening up all of my days! The daily email and photo from Michigan In Pictures was one thing I enjoyed every morning. It has been inspiring, educational, and motivating!

    Take care, Mike Pasche

    On Wed, Sep 20, 2017, 8:34 AM Michigan in Pictures wrote:

    > farlane posted: ” Beauty Untouched, photo by James Eye View Photography > “Goodbye doesn’t mean forever. Let me tell you goodbye doesn’t mean we’ll > never be together again.” -David Gates (The Goodbye Girl) Good morning > everyone. I’m writing to let you know that w” >

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  9. As an ex-pat, living in California, I’ve enjoyed all the work you’ve done, connecting us back to what is beautiful and lasting, in the midst of the political garbage suffocating us. Thank you, and may you find the best of good fortune.

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  10. I’m sorry to hear about ending your daily posts,

    I have enjoyed them very much.

    I just received my copy of the September issue of LPGas magazine. The cover is a photo of your favorite bridge. The cover story is about the controversy of the liquids pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac. The article discusses alternatives to the existing 63 year-old pipeline. It’s all about Michigan.

    I think you’ll find it interesting.

    Best wishes,

    Noel Casey

    North Charleston, SC


  11. Darn! Thanks for posting daily for so many years (and featuring so many of my photos)! I always enjoy checking out Michigan in Pictures and seeing what’s new. But, I understand the trouble. Good luck!


  12. Your efforts will be seriously missed. Your daily posts have been anxiously anticipated for many years. They inspired me to do likewise; some in the form of photography, some in the form of readings. Thank you for all that you have done. Your posts have been a ray of light in an otherwise dark and dismal digital world.


  13. Each morning I eagerly went to my computer, hot coffee in hand, to see what Michigan beauty or history (along with the sometime much needed political thoughtfulness) that you have sent our way. It was always a wonderful daily gift. Thank you very much for all that you have shared. I wish you the best as you move toward your next adventure.


  14. Thank you for all that you have shared so far; I have loved staying connected to my home state all these years while living in British Columbia. Your passion for our state has been a great part of my day, and I wish you well as you focus on other things.


  15. Totally understand your need to take a break, but wanted to thank you for the wonderful photos and knowledge you shared with all of us. Good luck! We’ll look forward to future posts when time allow!


  16. Thank you for many wonderful pictures. My friend told me about the site and I have checked my email nearly every the posts. Best wishes as you change your focus. l look forward to enjoying what you have time to share.
    Carolyn M.


  17. Thanks everso for all you have done. I send many of these along to a friend in Colorado who is learning where Michigan is and what it is.


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