The Facebook Thing…

Pictured Rocks by Tudor ap Mac

I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that I’m making periodic updates on the Michigan in Pictures Facebook.

View Tudor’s photo of the Petit Portal in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and a lot more including this stunning panorama in his Upper Peninsula album!

11 thoughts on “The Facebook Thing…

  1. Dear Farlane…Thank you so very much for emailing me this beautiful photo of the Pictured Rocks. I was really saddened when you announced you had to shut down the Michigan In Pictures website. I passionately love the the natural beauty of Michigan and thank God for letting me live most of my adult life as a Michigan resident.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been both angry and depressed lately at the actions of our despicable 45th President, his idiot Interior Secretary Rinke and that asshole EPA Director Scott Pruitt. All three of those miserable excuses for human beings should be locked up in a Federal prison for their crimes against humanity! Our Heavenly Father never gave those idiots the authority to exploit and destroy the natural beauty of our nation’s most treasured National Monuments…period! As a Vietnam War Era veteran who took an oath to protect and serve America and it’s Constitution, I now have a sworn duty to stop all three of these dangerous criminals in their tracks by using every legal means available to do so. AND I WILL DO SO!

    Did you know, my good sir, that most Americans mistakenly believe that GOP stands for Grand Old Party when it really refers to Greedy Old Politicians. Yeah, it really does! I am going to brew a hot cup of chamomile tea now on this gray, snowy Sheboygan, WI afternoon to bring my blood pressure down to a safe level and thank you once again for the beautiful photo of the Pictured Rocks. Sincerely…Jim Schaefer



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