At All Costs

At All Costs (Sugar Loaf, 2016) by Andrew McFarlane

Most of the photos on Michigan in Pictures are someone else’s, but every once in a while, I’ll sprinkle in one of mine. I took this several years ago at Sugar Loaf Mountain Resort on the Leelanau Peninsula. The guy’s wife told me that he works on the really tall power lines and (clearly) has absolutely zero fear of heights.

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I often get pushback when I post things of people doing things that are dangerous, so let me stress:

  1. Do not try this.
  2. You probably aren’t up to it.
  3. Sugar Loaf is now closed to access (when I went, it was still owned by the people who owed me $8k).
  4. Gravity can kill you!

Have a great weekend & stay safe!

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3 thoughts on “At All Costs

  1. Isn’t that Lake in the Clouds in the background? Native-born Michigander, whose Dad was a Upper! Thanks for the memories 🙂




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