Be Yourself!

Albino Deer by Chryz Love

Albino Deer by Chryz Love

Just a little reminder from the natural world that it’s OK to be yourself & also to check out the new Michigan in Pictures Group on Facebook!! I created it so people can share photos with other readers for possible inclusion in Michigan in Pictures, and this was the first pic shared.

Chryz took it near Davidson. Click through to see it on Facebook & to check out other photos she’s shared in the group!!

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2 thoughts on “Be Yourself!

  1. I have loved Michigan in Pictures for a long time. Very disappointed that one needs to use Facebook to access some of the postings (I am guessing it will soon be all of the postings).
    Facebook is a corrupt company that I cannot take part in. Can you please make Michigan in Pictures available to people without using that form of media.
    Thanks for your time.
    God Bless!!!!

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