Return to Fox Corners

Fox Trio by TP Mann Photography

Back on June 1st, I shared a photo of two fox kits by TP Mann. As you can see, they’ve grown! He writes:

On a beautiful breezy summer evening I was able to watch these young foxes out by their den. A group of birds over and behind me were getting the full attention of this trio along with the old man and the camera.

See more & lots of other great photography on his Flickr!

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2 thoughts on “Return to Fox Corners

  1. what a great photo. I remember an encounter with a fox that shaped the way I thought of animals. loved your flicker site as well. Though I live in Tennessee, I grew up in Michigan outside of Newaygo.
    Thank you, Candace Corrigan


    1. That’s wild Candace! My first memorable encounter with “nature” happened near Leland. I was five and we’d just moved up. I went for a long walk along in the woods. Came over a hill and there was a fox coming toward me. We both froze and bolted in opposite directions! 😂


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