Top Michigan in Pictures photos of 2020

2020 Flooding in Midland MIchigan by City of Midland

2020 Flooding in Midland Michigan by City of Midland

“While the 1986 flood was a 100-year flood, what we’re looking at here is an event that is the equivalent of a 500-year flood. It’s something that is extremely rare, extremely catastrophic and quite dangerous.”
– Midland City Manager Brad Kaye

Our top post of 2020 was about the most significant natural disaster of the year, the catastrophic flooding of Midland on May 19th has more information and a video. Check our Facebook post as well for more photos & links in the comments.

Ship's Bell by Bill

Ring the Bell for the Fitz

We featured the bell from the SS Edmund Fitzgerald November 10th, the 45th anniversary. Click for a super cool video & more photos from Bill.

American White Pelicans on Lake Huron by kare hav

American White Pelicans expanding Michigan range

These American White Pelicans on Lake Huron by kare hav were the perfect photo for a story from the Great Lakes Echo about how these birds we associate with the tropics are becoming a more common sight.

Peaceful Moment at Lake Superior near Munising by Michigan Nut Photography

A Peaceful Moment on Lake Superior

Perennial Michpics favorite John McCormick aka Michigan Nut shared just how calm & amazing Lake Superior can be at times.

View it bigger right here.

Sunday Night on Lavender Hill

Gary Ennis’s incredible shot of Lavender Hill near Boyne City took many people’s breath away. Click to see it bigger!

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