Blizzard Waves

Michigan Blizzard Creates Ocean Waves - 1972 by Steve Brown

Michigan Blizzard Creates Ocean Waves – 1972 by Steve Brown

As Michigan gets popped by a winter storm, here’s a look back to 1972. Steve writes:

Quite amazing what a wintry wind can do to fallen snow across an open field. I took this photo in February, 1972 after the winds of a modest blizzard had reshaped the fallen snow on the front yard of the home where I lived near Manchester, Michigan.

See more in Steve’s great Michigan Winter gallery on Flickr & stay safe everyone!

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One thought on “Blizzard Waves

  1. Like the pictures and articles but Michigan is much better in the summer. I was born in Battle Creek and we have traveled all over the state. Love the coast of lake Michigan going north. Tulip season in Holand, MI is beautiful, we enjoy going to Ludington, Onekama and the upper peninsula is beautiful in the summer. My wife’s uncle had a hunting lodge in the upper peninsula. Frankenmuth, MI is great and Bronners Christmas Store is one that should be a priority for people visiting Michigan. Great chicken at Zehnder’s restaurant and a great German Restaurant at the Bavarian Inn. We are true Michiganders even though we now live in Indiana. Great articles and pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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