MSU launches EverGreen student-athlete marketing

MSU vs Wisconsin by Matt Hallowell

MSU vs Wisconsin by Matt Hallowell

The State News has a feature on their new EverGreen image & likeness program to inform student-athletes about building a personal brand, making informed decisions and positioning themselves to maximize their earning power:

“Our goal is to provide our student-athletes the tools for success — on the field of competition, inside the classroom and beyond MSU,” Michigan State Vice President and Director of Athletics Bill Beekman said in the press release. “Name, image and likeness legislation will offer new opportunities for our student-athletes and EverGreen will prepare and position them for these changes.”

…This is the first action by Michigan State to help its athletes profit while competing in college. The road opened up after the state of Michigan passed legislation in Dec. 2020 allowing athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness and the Supreme Court ruling this week that struck down parts of NCAA’s amateurism restrictions for student-athletes.

Matt shared this photo of MSU standout & NBA champion Draymond Green back in 2011. See more in his Sports Portfolio gallery on Flickr.

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