Celebrate National Farmers Market Week in Michigan!

130 Years at Eastern Market by Eastern Market Partnership

130 Years at Eastern Market by Eastern Market Partnership

August is when the harvest of Michigan’s diverse bounty of farm products really gets going. The Michigan Farmers Market Association invites you to join them in celebration of National Farmers Market Week from August 1-7:

Many of Michigan’s nearly 250 farmers markets will be hosting special events, activities and more to celebrate farmers and vendors, and express appreciation for volunteers and shoppers.

In the midst of a global pandemic, farmers markets — like all other small businesses — have innovated to continue operations for the farmers and communities that depend on them. Market managers have been at the forefront of adapting rapid solutions and innovating to protect staff, customers and the community. When conventional food supply chains faltered at the start of the pandemic, farmers markets and local food systems clearly displayed the resiliency of short supply chains and interest in local foods spiked nationwide.

“2020 was not an easy year, but we know farmers, market managers, and MIFMA staff and board members are no strangers to hard work and overcoming challenges,” said Amanda Shreve, executive director of MIFMA. “As we celebrate 2021’s National Farmers Market Week, we’ve already seen the strength, resiliency and hope we share as a farmers market community, and know our markets will continue to positively impact their communities long beyond this week.”

Head over to the Michigan Farmers Market Association for a list of all the markets in the state!

One of my favorite Michigan farmers markets is the one at Eastern Market in Detroit. You can click the pic to check out their Facebook page & learn more about the work they do at easternmarket.org.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate National Farmers Market Week in Michigan!

  1. Thank you for the fine articles and pictures.. As a youngster I would go to the Lansing Farmer’s market with my uncle and parents. They would prepare chickens the night before and people would rush to the counter to get their chickens. We would also have sweet corn and other produce in the back of the half ton pickup and I would help sell it. Everything was always sold out. Thanks again for the article.


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