Go Green, Go White & Go Blue: Rivalry Week is Here

4th & Goal by Cory Smith

4th & Goal by Cory Smith 

The undefeated & #6 ranked University of Michigan Wolverines travel to Spartan Stadium in East Lansing on Saturday to face the also 7-0 Michigan State University Spartans. First & foremost, let us know in the comments who you got this weekend! 

mLive notes that the last time these two programs were top 10 with such a high profile meeting, the Beatles were touring America:

Saturday’s game between the Wolverines and the Spartans will be the first time in the 113-year history between these two state rivals that both teams are at least 7-0. It’s also the first game both teams have been ranked in the Top 10 since the same year The Beatles landed in the U.S.

The setting was East Lansing on October 10, 1964. Seventh-ranked Michigan took on 9th-ranked MSU in one of the biggest games in the decades-long rivalry, with Michigan winning 17-10 in front of 78,234 people. This was just the fourth game against each other where both teams were ranked in the Top 10.

…Michigan is favored by four over the No. 8 ranked Spartans. The Wolverines lead the all-time series 71-37-5.

Cory took this photo of the Spartans getting ready to punch it in back in October of 2009. MSU eventually won the game in overtime. See more in Cory’s HDR Photography gallery on Flickr & view and purchase prints on his website!

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5 thoughts on “Go Green, Go White & Go Blue: Rivalry Week is Here

  1. I can’t agree with AOC and say “Go Green” here, so I must go with “Go Blue”……..Go green is not a very positive statement in this country right now, with my apologies to the Spartans.

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    1. That guy actually came from around a sharp corner with a comment in direct opposition to me, a Michigan State graduate. I’d let that pass because my grandmother took me to Michigan Wolverine games as a kid and support both when they’re not playing each other.

      On the other hand, his attack on the ethos of Michigan in Pictures was entirely out of bounds. AOC (Andrea Ocasio-Cortez) is the American right wing’s poster figure for their opposition to measures to mitigate climate change, something that is and will continue to visit ecosystem destruction on the natural beauty of Michigan & economic, social & personal loss upon the wonderful people of the state and the world at large.

      😅 Long-winded way to say “Nobody comes into my house talking trash”

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