The Legend lives on…

Grand Haven Fitz Storm by Carl TerHaar

Grand Haven Fitz Storm by Carl TerHaar

Most Michiganders of a certain age remember the furious storm of November 10, 1975, and 10-year-old me was no exception. I was enjoying re-creating the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the Tin Woodman leans at impossible angles by holding out my coat & leaning into the wind when the wind started ripping 4 x 8 sheets of metal roofing of our barn & driving them into the ground, ending that experiment in a hurry. 

The memory of the fury of that storm & the shock people around me has stuck with me all my life. I feel like the one video I watch every year by Joseph Fulton perfectly captures the impact, so please enjoy.

Carl took this shot way back on November 10, 1975 in Grand Haven where the storm also washed several people off the pier, killing 2. See more in his Lighthouses gallery & stay off piers in storms people!

Lots more about the Edmund Fitzgerald including these photos of the launch of the Fitz on Michigan in Pictures.

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