Happy Back Into the Woods Day 2021

Deer by James Marvin

Deer by David Marvin

While I have yet to get any elected officials on board with an official holiday declaration, I will once again wish all of you a very happy Back Into the Woods Day!

As longtime Michpics readers know, Back Into the Woods Day celebrates the end of Michigan’s annual firearm deer season making most of the state’s wild places off limits. Here’s hoping you get a chance to get outside this week or weekend … and that you see some of our many forest friends while you’re there!!

David took this photo last weekend at the Fenner Nature Center. Head over to his Flickr for more.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Back Into the Woods Day 2021

  1. It’s a day worthy of a holiday declaration, so thanks for continuing to declare it! Back Into the Woods, the Fields, the Meadows, etc., etc.

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  2. I’m always glad for the end of firearms deer hunting season as well. Now if they could get rid of the duck hunters at Point Mouillee – I can hear the pop-pop-pop while at Lake Erie Metropark.


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