Welcome 2022!

Cloud Climb by John Allen

Cloud Climb by John Allen

While this year doesn’t seem to be opening with as much hopefulness as 2021, here’s hoping that 2022 has all of us feeling like we’re walking on clouds!

John took this photo yesterday at Saugatuck Dunes State Park. See more in his Michigan 2021 gallery on Flickr.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome 2022!

    1. Awesome! Great to have you here. FYI there’s over 4000 posts here so definitely dive into the archives!! The Top Posts are fun because they change from day to day.


  1. Have you heard or seen the book ACloud a Day by Gavin Pretoria-Pinney? It’s fabulous and this pic reminds me of the book.

    Happy New Year and thanks again for what you are doing!

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