The Name of the Plow

snow plow - m 72 by Bill

snow plow – m 72 by Bill

WWJ 950 Detroit shares that last winter Nick Schirripa of the Michigan Department of Transportation, “put some feelers out” on Twitter, asking for help naming Michigan’s snow plows. A year later, all 330 of Michigan’s snow plows have new names.

You can check the plows out in realtime on the M-DOT map. The only one I found out & about this morning was Blizzard T Snowplow, listed as “applying material” way up on the Keweenaw Peninsula. Other names include Alice Scooper & Gordie Plowe, movie references like Darth Blader & Han Snowlo, and even “Control, Salt, Delete” for computer nerds.

Bill got this shot along M-72 along the border of Leelanau & Grand Traverse Counties in northwest lower Michigan back in 2018. See more in his Pics from the Car gallery on Flickr.

shoutout to @hksbks on Twitter for the heads up!

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4 thoughts on “The Name of the Plow

  1. I listen to WWJ all the time and I heard that interview with Nick Schirripa and some of the names mentioned. What a clever idea, though I don’t remember hearing or reading about a call for suggestions. I’d have put my thinking cap on. My favorites were the same as the ones you mentioned, my favorite being “Control, Salt, Delete”.

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      1. Thanks for the link – I wonder if MDOT got the idea from Scotland’s gritters? They had a lot of good ones and my favorites were “Meltin’ John” and “Spready Mercury” – so clever.

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