February 3rd: Plowback Thursday

Plow Extra Grant by Russell Sekeet

Plow Extra Grant by Russell Sekeet

The possibly legendary southeast Michigan snowstorm fizzled, so in case you were fired up for it, here’s a “Throwback Thursday” to February 3, 2011. Russell writes Marquette Rail ran a plow extra after the 2011 blizzard that dropped over 2 feet of snow and 50+ MPH winds. Here it is seen busting through the crossing in downtown Grant.

See more in his Michigan gallery on Flickr.

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One thought on “February 3rd: Plowback Thursday

  1. Lots of anticipation (and worry) … we got 9.2 inches of snow in Lincoln Park and the snow plow buried the end of my driveway. I’m waiting for the first tropical-like day to dig through that icy pile of snow … that would be Wednesday, a whopping 35 degrees.


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