Wave Goodbye to Winter Wonderland

Michigan's Winter Wonderland by TP Mann

Michigan’s Winter Wonderland by TP Mann

Most of Michigan will see highs in the 50s or 60s today and while there’s (of course) still some snow & subzero temps ahead, the temperature trend is most definitely UP!!

TP took this shot of the Mighty Mackinac Bridge in late February. See more in his Michigan Winter Scenes gallery on Flickr!

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6 thoughts on “Wave Goodbye to Winter Wonderland

  1. The icy Straits make for an amazing shot! We got to 73 this morning in metropolitan Detroit – don’t write off Winter yet … we have a wintry mix coming Saturday morning, the last day of Winter. Sigh.

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    1. Linda, I’m a Michigander born & raised. One year it snowed on my birthday … ON JUNE 29TH!! I will never write off winter. ;) Still, glad you had that amazing day yesterday!!

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      1. That has to be a record isn’t it? We listened to WJR before switching to WWJ about ten years ago and John McMurray, the long-time weatherman, had an annual contest when the last bit of snow would melt at a location in the UP. Those last dregs were still hanging on well into late Spring. I was born on April 14th in Toronto and the day I was born, there was a snowstorm. You’ve got me beat. Yesterday was amazing! As a walker I am hoping we’re done with Winter and its snow and ice for good.

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  2. Hahaha what’s more all about me than a 12 year old boy?? I looked it up and it was my SISTER’S birthday on June 3, 1977. Thank you for making me less of a victim 😆


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