Riding the Waves: Baby Duck Edition

Riding the Waves by David Juckett

Riding the Waves by David Juckett

It’s been a while since I added to the world famous Michigan in Pictures Duckie Gallery, so cowabunga everyone!!

David shares that although these little guys were only hatched last week, they seemed to be holding their own in the waves. See more in his Birds gallery on Flickr.

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6 thoughts on “Riding the Waves: Baby Duck Edition

  1. Just what is needed on a day like today. Could you all hear my “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW….” wherever you are? Thanks for the lovely shot!

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  2. I was excited to see a Mama Goose off the nest and view the eggs, so I kept going to Heritage Park to see the goslings. First time back up after I saw the eggs, the nest was gone, not a trace of her or the goslings. Worried about them and went back a few days later and saw them. I love seeing the goslings and ducklings. You’ll have to get a shot of the big duck featured on WWJ’s page – it is coming to the Festival of Sail. I’ll send a separate link in case you missed it.

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