Fox Friday: Hanging at the Den

Hanging at the Den by TP Mann

Hanging at the Den by TP Mann

Another year, another pair of fox kits for the Michigan in Pictures family! Last year I christened a pair Oliver & Charlotte based on Michigan’s most popular baby names. Both Oliver & Charlotte have been dethroned, so please put your hands together for Noah & Amelia (#2 & #4 in the US respectively). 

TP took this photo on Sunday. See more on his Flickr!

More foxes on Michigan in Pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Fox Friday: Hanging at the Den

  1. They are pretty cool! One of my earliest memories was at age 6 when I was exploring by myself in the woods. I came over the top of a little hill on the logging trail and BAM there was a fox! Both of us looked at each other for a moment and then ran off in opposite directions!! 😆


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