A Pond in Bald Mountain

A Pond on Bald Mountain

Frozen pond B&W, originally uploaded by Mr. Physics.

Mr. Physics writes: Went for a short hike at one of the Bald Mountain State recreation areas in Southeast Michigan. It was just above freezing, and very cloudy; but I found a few photo opportunities nonetheless.

Some very nice photos from Bald Mountain State Recreation Area including this one.

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Sunset on the Quincy Mine

Quincy Mine Hoist

Quincy Mine Hoist, originally uploaded by exa.

Exa is one of Michigan’s most prolific Flickrites and took this great photo of the Quincy Mine Hoist. The mine is located on the Keweenaw Peninsula (that big peninsula atop the western UP).

4 … 3 … 2006


12:00:59, originally uploaded by O Caritas.

This was my very first photo of the new year… I crouched over at the corner of Albert Street and M.A.C. Avenue, set the camera on the ground and propped it up on the back of my hand to raise the lens high enough to frame the clock.

I took two very quick photos and, as I stood up, a crowd of people approached and I was asked if I’d lost my watch. I turned to head home and an East Lansing police officer approached me and she told me she’d stopped because she thought I was throwing up!

East Lansing is known for that, you know!

Those of you who are offended by envelopes better not click this link.

Door Way To Detroit

Door Way To Detroit

Door Way To Detroit, originally uploaded by chrisjlee.

Looks like a cool photo to start 2006 with… Chris has about a bejillion photos, including a nifty set of Lansing night shots.

The Men’s Ward at Building 50

Mens Ward at Building 50

Men’s Ward Facade, photo by mstephens7.

Building 50 is an amazing and rambling building that is part of the old state mental hospital in Traverse City, Michigan (which is now being redeveloped as The Village at Grand Traverse Commons).

View Building 50 B&W Enhancements (Set) and check Michael’s blog for more Building 50 pics and information

Michael lives in Indiana but spends as much time as possible in Traverse City.

Cold Afternoon at the South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven Lighthouse, originally uploaded by Oldhamer.

It’d be hard to find a better introduction to Flickr’s Michigan Lighthouse Group than this photo by Oldhamer of the South Haven Lighthouse taken in December of 2005. He notes that the top walkway allows keepers to get to the light when the bottom is covered with ice.

Be sure to click the photo to get to Flickr, then click the “ALL SIZES” link above the photo to see the detail on the ice on the light. While you’re at it, check out some of Oldhamer’s other pics. The detail shots he has are very nice.
If you get the urge to visit South Haven, be sure to check out the Michigan Maritime Museum.

Snow (and Ducks) on the Huron River


Huron, originally uploaded by John Baird.

Speaking of snow (of which Michigan has almost none right now), here’s a stunning photo by John Baird of snowier days on the Huron River.Click the photo, click “ALL SIZES” and look at the largest to get the full effect.

When he’s not taking pictures, John is a furniture designer.

More ducks in the Michigan in Pictures Duckie Project.

I’ll Have an Orange Mist, Please

Foggy Morning in Bridgewater 2

Foggy Morning in Bridgewater 2, originally uploaded by CaptPiper.

In honor of the endless fog, mist & gray Michigan has been blessed with over the past month, here’s a picture of fog done right.

CaptPiper lives in southern Michigan and has posted more than a couple photos. Her Day in the Life set is a cool idea.

Children of the Snow

Children of the Snow

Children of the Snow, originally uploaded by farlane.

I post this photo today in memory of my father, Allan L. McFarlane. Miss you, Dad.

Part of a set of seven photos.

Wide-Eyed and Alone

Wide Eyed and Alone at fayette

alone5, originally uploaded by whitewaves.

The photographer says that this photo was part of a series of photos taken on New Years Eve afternoon.

Fayette is located in the Upper Peninsula (on Big Bay De Noc):

The Jackson Iron Company founded the town in 1867 for the sole purpose of extracting iron from the ore being mined in its iron mine near Negaunee. The site was chosen for the limestone, the small but deep natural harbor, and the immense stands of hardwood on the entire length of the Garden Peninsula.

By 1891 the hardwood on the peninsula was gone and soft coal was replacing charcoal in the smelting process. It was no longer profitable for the company to run Fayette. The furnaces went cold and the town slowly became deserted.

The town site is now a State Park. Also see the Historic Fayette Photo pool.