Keweenaw’s Colorful Canvas

Upper Peninsula by troops Here’s a stunning Upper Peninsula vista taken the other day from Brockway Mountain on the Keweenaw Peninsula which says: …is the highest paved road between the Rockies and the Alleghenies. The drive is 10 miles long and has many pull-offs enabling visitors to stop and take in the scenery. There … Continue reading Keweenaw’s Colorful Canvas

Eagle River, Keweenaw County

Eagle River-Keweenaw County by Kirt E. Carter Kirt took this photo of the Eagle River with an ONDU 6×9 Pinhole with Ilford Pan F developed in Rodinal 1:50. You can see lots more through his Flickr & check out for other photos along with his writings about how he shoots these stunning pics & … Continue reading Eagle River, Keweenaw County

The Calumet Children’s March and the Keweenaw Miners Strike

Children’s Parade, Calumet Copper Miners Strike — RPPC by Calumet New Studio, Calumet, Michigan, photo by Wystan Here’s a throw back Monday for you – a photo from July 23, 1913 of children marching in Calumet during the tumultuous miners’ strikes of 1913. It’s an interesting case study for our modern world given that the … Continue reading The Calumet Children’s March and the Keweenaw Miners Strike

Manganese Falls on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Manganese Falls, photo by John Gagnon GoWaterfalling’s page for Manganese Falls says in part: Manganese Falls is a steep cascade falling into a narrow gorge. The gorge is so narrow that it is actually hard to see the falls. There is a well marked overlook for the falls, but trees mostly obscure the falls. The … Continue reading Manganese Falls on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Houghton’s Keweenaw Upper Entrance Lighthouse

Homeward Bound, photo by Bobby Palosaari Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light is my go-to for Michigan lighthouse lore. His entry for the Keweenaw Upper Entrance Lighthouse says in part: With the meteoric growth of copper mining in the Keweenaw between 1843 and 1968, increased shipping access to the twin cities of Houghton and Hancock became increasingly important. … Continue reading Houghton’s Keweenaw Upper Entrance Lighthouse

Twilit Aurora from the Keweenaw Peninsula

Twilit Aurora, photo by Eric Hackney Wowzas!!! Here’s the northern lights as seen last night from the Keweenaw Peninsula. Space Weather is saying that there’s a good chance of more strong northern lights tonight! I’ve written about the science behind the colors on the Northern Lights, but how about some highlights of the beliefs about colors … Continue reading Twilit Aurora from the Keweenaw Peninsula

Sunset over the Keweenaw

Sunset over the Keweenaw, photo by Ashley Williams Here’s a beautiful shot from late October last year on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the U.P. With temps this cold, it won’t be long until the color returns! Hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy the outdoors this weekend. View Ashley’s photo background bigtacular and see … Continue reading Sunset over the Keweenaw

Seven Mile Point on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Untitled, photo by North Woods Conservancy When someone with the commitment to jump into the icy waters of Lake Superior in February asks you to take a look at something she thinks is important, my feeling is that you darn well do it. Kate shared news that the Keweenaw-based North Woods Conservancy owns a piece … Continue reading Seven Mile Point on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Keweenaw County: Tops in the Nation for Water!

Red Ridge, photo by We Are CS. This morning I found out that my native Leelanau County is the 2nd watery-est in America. Wikipedia’s Keweenaw County entry says that Michigan’s northernmost county holds the title though: Keweenaw County is the northernmost county in Michigan. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total … Continue reading Keweenaw County: Tops in the Nation for Water!

Full Color in the Keweenaw and at Haven Falls

Haven Falls, photo by dcclark. This morning the folks at emailed me to say that the Keweenaw doesn’t get much more colorful than this and that they’re: …hearing that it’s peak or just past-peak with the changing leaves UP North here, but whatever you call it, our surroundings look like someone took out a … Continue reading Full Color in the Keweenaw and at Haven Falls