Earl Young & the Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix

Mushroom House in Charlevoix, Michigan by Lee Rentz Visit Charlevoix shares the story of self-taught builder Earl Young & his “mushroom houses” in Charlevoix: Starting in 1919, and continuing into the seventies, Young fashioned over two dozen creations using indigenous materials. Over the course of his fifty-year career, Young would build twenty-six residential houses and … Continue reading Earl Young & the Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix

Know Your Michigan Mushrooms: Black Trumpet

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mushrooms can be dangerous and even deadly! Be careful and know what you’re eating. As the saying goes: “There are old mushroom hunters, and bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old, bold mushroom hunters.” Black Trumpet, photo by I am Jacques Strappe The Michigan Morel Hunters Club features mushrooms that are in … Continue reading Know Your Michigan Mushrooms: Black Trumpet

Michigan Mushrooms: Chicken of the Woods

Chicken of the Woods, photo by .Larry Page The Cornell Mushroom Bog is a great resource for mushroom hunters. Their entry on Eating the Chicken of the Woods begins: David Arora remarks in Mushrooms Demystified that this is one of the “foolproof four” — an unmistakable mushroom. (see below) This large, brightly colored fungus is often … Continue reading Michigan Mushrooms: Chicken of the Woods

Shaggy Mane Mushroom

DSC09529_tonemapped, photo by ansonredford. Mushroom-collecting.com has this to say about the Shaggy Mane Mushroom: The Shaggy Mane, also occasionally known as the Lawyers Wig, is a distinctive and easy to recognize mushroom. Its size, shape, and tendency to grow in tight groups make it easy to spot even from considerable distance. Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus) … Continue reading Shaggy Mane Mushroom

Oyster mushrooms

Fungi stacks, photo by ETCphoto Mushroom guru Wildman Steve Brill says that the Oyster mushroom is a mushroom that lives up to its name – it looks, smells, and tastes like oysters! Not surprisingly, the Michigan Mushroom Hunter’s Club has great info on oyster mushroom hunting in Michigan that begins: Oysters (Pleurotus ostreatus complex) are … Continue reading Oyster mushrooms

Michigan Mushroom Nation!

The First Morels this Year 05/02/2010, photo by rickrjw The TIME Magazine feature Mushroom Nation linked over to our feature on yellow chanterelle mushrooms. In it, James Beard Award–winning food writer Josh Ozersky takes a look at how wild mushrooms are becoming as American as apple pie. He writes that: …for all their exoticism, they’re … Continue reading Michigan Mushroom Nation!

Michigan Mushroom Season is here … join a public hunt to know what’s edible!

_MG_9261, photo by jt354. I’m a year older and a little wiser and pretty sure these are edible honey mushrooms, although I’m not sure about the darker brown bumps. Still a fantastically vital idea to know what you’re picking and eating!! While morels draw the lion’s share of mushroom coverage, there are a ton of … Continue reading Michigan Mushroom Season is here … join a public hunt to know what’s edible!

Yellow-footed Chanterelle mushroom

6739 Yellow-footed Chanterelle, photo by darylann MichiganMorels.com says that the Yellow-Footed Chanterelle is a bright yellow mushroom, this is sometimes funnel shaped and: Time Of Year: Late Spring through early Summer. Once you find an area that produces chanterelles, go back 2 or 3 times within that month. you just might find they fruit in … Continue reading Yellow-footed Chanterelle mushroom

Morel Mushroom Star

Morel Mushroom Star, photo by Odalaigh. Chad writes that he found these beautiful morels while hiking with his wife. He has more morel photos, but somehow neglected to mention WHERE he found them … here’s hoping you find some tasty things to do when out and about in Michigan this weekend! Here’s more morel goodness … Continue reading Morel Mushroom Star