Michigan and Earth Day

Flags of our grandparents, photo by PhotoLab507 Today is the 45th Earth Day, and many many not be aware of Michigan’s role in this holiday. The Ann Arbor Chronicle has an excellent feature titled Turbulent Origins of Ann Arbor’s First Earth Day that looks at the national movement in the late 60s to call attention to … Continue reading Michigan and Earth Day

Earth Day, are you doing it?

Come On Everybody Is Doing It, photo by B0nes Sunday (April 22) is the 42nd Earth Day. You can read about Earth Day’s Michigan roots and much more on Michigan in Pictures. Here’s a few more links: On the topic of history, here’s a great feature about Earth Day at Albion College that includes a segment … Continue reading Earth Day, are you doing it?

Earth Day, high above our piece of the Earth

Great Lakes, No Clouds, photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video. Today is Earth Day (and also Good Friday). You can read all about Michigan’s role in Earth Day on Michigan in Pictures and check the list of Earth Day events in Michigan from earthday.org. I thought this shot from the NASA Goddard Space Flight … Continue reading Earth Day, high above our piece of the Earth

earth day should be every day, you know

earth day should be every day, you know { 112 / 365 }, photo by caterpillars The concept that protecting the only home we have is something we can afford to focus on just once a year seems crazy to me. Get out and love this world, people – today and every day. It’s one … Continue reading earth day should be every day, you know

Earth Day at 40, Earth Day in Michigan

Untitled, photo by Brooke Pennington. Many folks may not know that Earth Day has deep roots in Michigan, at the University of Michigan to be precise. James Tobin at Michigan Today has the story of the Teach-In on the Environment that UM held in March of 1970 because Earth Day fell right in the middle … Continue reading Earth Day at 40, Earth Day in Michigan

Optimism on Earth Day

Chelsea Tracks – Optimism, photo by aTanguay. I thought that Andy’s photo is a perfect expression of how I feel about Earth Day this year. While in year’s past, it has seemed to be a day that highlights an impossible task, it now seems a day that we can begin to celebrate our journey towards … Continue reading Optimism on Earth Day