Misty Bond Falls

Misty Bond Falls, photo by Yanbing Shi Gorgeous photo from Bond Falls in the western Upper Peninsula taken back in October of 2014. GoWaterfalling’s page on Bond Falls says (in part): This is the best single waterfall in the Western U.P, and the second best waterfall in Michigan. If you are in the Western U.P., … Continue reading Misty Bond Falls

Winter at Bond Falls

Winter at Bond Falls, photo by Aime Lucas Photography The Bond Falls entry at GoWaterfalling.com says: Bond Falls is in the western U.P. on Bond Falls Rd, east of Pauding MI. This is the most impressive waterfall in Michigan with the possible exception of Tahquamenon Falls. The main drop is 40 feet high and 100+ … Continue reading Winter at Bond Falls

Bond Falls in Autumn

Bond Falls in Autumn, photo by Tom Mortenson Here’s the latest cover photo for Michigan in Pictures, one of many in the Michigan Cover Photos group on Flickr! It’s from early October of 2013, and while it looks like our color season could be pretty darned good, it’s probably a little late this year. Via the … Continue reading Bond Falls in Autumn

Fall at Bond Falls

Bond Falls, photo by Yanbing Shi Some mornings you just want to look out the window at what Michigan weather is up to, stick your fingers in your ears and say “I’M NOT LISTENING TO YOU.” View Yanbing Shi’s photo background bigtacular and see more of his fall photos. Lots more from Bond Falls on … Continue reading Fall at Bond Falls

Chasing the Perseids at Bond Falls

Milky Way over Milky Falls with a dash of Perseids, photo by Like The Ocean “I am beginning to love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ~Sathya R. I hope that you had a chance to catch the annual show that is the Perseid Meteor Shower. In Chasing the Perseids at his … Continue reading Chasing the Perseids at Bond Falls

Bond Falls in black & white

Bond Falls, photo by wingsfan1705 Michigan in Pictures has a number of photos from Bond Falls, but there’s always room for one more. ;) Check this out background bigtacular and see more including some detail shots in Kim’s slideshow. More black & white photography on Michigan in Pictures.