Bond Falls in Autumn

September 29, 2015

Bond Falls in Autumn

Bond Falls in Autumn, photo by Tom Mortenson

Here’s the latest cover photo for Michigan in Pictures, one of many in the Michigan Cover Photos group on Flickr!

It’s from early October of 2013, and while it looks like our color season could be pretty darned good, it’s probably a little late this year. Via the Freep, it looks like the recent run of “Indian summer” is pushing color back:

The Upper Peninsula, which usually has plenty of fall color by this time in September, is still lolling around in green, reports Pure Michigan and the Foliage Network, which monitor fall color in the state.The very western Upper Peninsula as of Thursday was showing between 12% to 30% color, but the rest of the state had none.

Things seem to be about two weeks or more behind schedule.

Still, “cooler weather has taken hold and should help to get things going,” reports Market Rzonca, who runs The Foliage Network.

Pure Michigan’s fall color blog ( predicted that peak fall color in the U.P., including Mackinac Island, is not expected to hit for about three weeks. Same with Alpena, Charlevoix and Ludington. Farther south, the show will come even later.

View Tom’s photo background bigtacular and check out more of Tom’s Michigan waterfall photos.

There’s more fall wallpaper, more about fall color, and more on Bond Falls on Michigan in Pictures.


Fall at Bond Falls

November 14, 2014

Bond Falls

Bond Falls, photo by Yanbing Shi

Some mornings you just want to look out the window at what Michigan weather is up to, stick your fingers in your ears and say “I’M NOT LISTENING TO YOU.”

View Yanbing Shi’s photo background bigtacular and see more of his fall photos.

Lots more from Bond Falls on Michigan in Pictures!

Chasing the Perseids

Milky Way over Milky Falls with a dash of Perseids, photo by Like The Ocean

“I am beginning to love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
~Sathya R.

I hope that you had a chance to catch the annual show that is the Perseid Meteor Shower. In Chasing the Perseids at his blog Like the Ocean, Saytha writes:

45 hours on the road with just few hours of sleep, in search of that one spot to capture the Perseids. The lashing rain, the forecasted aurora that never turned up and the hide and seek with the clouds – it was all fun. Was it all worth it, you bet! The road trip took me to one of the darkest skies of Mid Western US – Bond Falls. Would like to share with you a moment in time from that night. This was one of the two meteor I was able to capture on frame, but loved how everything came together in this shot. I do love when a plan comes together :)

The deafening sound of 500 gallons of water / second from 50 feet
The tranquil silence of the dark night
Milky way adorning the skies
A (Perseids) meteor fireball streaking across the horizon
Definitely a moment of serenity and one I would cherish!

Read on at Like the Ocean Photography, check this photo out bigger and see more in his awesome Nightscape slideshow.

More about Bond Falls at Michigan in Pictures.

Bond Falls in black & white

February 21, 2013

Bond Falls

Bond Falls, photo by wingsfan1705

Michigan in Pictures has a number of photos from Bond Falls, but there’s always room for one more. ;)

Check this out background bigtacular and see more including some detail shots in Kim’s slideshow.

More black & white photography on Michigan in Pictures.

Morning fog

Morning fog, photo by adonyvan

Bond Falls is is one of Michigan’s most beautiful waterfalls and a frequent guest on this blog. Click for more Bond Falls photos from Michigan in Pictures including a great one from a month ago of Bond Falls under the stars by the same photographer!

Check this out on black and see much more in Jiqing Fan’s Houghton & UP MI slideshow.

There’s more Michigan waterfalls and more Michigan sunrises on Michigan in Pictures.

The Bond Falls under the Milky Way

The Bond Falls under the Milky Way, photo by adonyvan

Jiqing Fan takes some incredible photos, some of which we’ve featured on Michigan in Pictures.

Definitely check this shot from the Perseid Meteor Shower out on black and in his Houghton & UP MI slideshow.

More about Bond Falls and the surrounding area and also the Perseid shower (which you’ll still be able to catch all week) on Michigan in Pictures.

Bond Falls In Spring

April 11, 2011

Bond Falls In Spring

“Bond Falls In Spring, photo by siskokid

More about Bond Falls on the Ontonagon River from Michigan in Pictures!

Check this out bigger and in Jim’s waterfall slideshow!

Bond Falls 04 by Jeff Milton

Bond Falls 04, photo by Jeff Milton

Jeff writes:

This is an image of the lower Bond Falls from a recent trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Bond Falls, close to Bruce Crossing, is my favorite of the waterfalls that I have visited in Michigan. If you visit Bonds falls early on a summer morning, there is often an dramatic fog.

This is one of his gorgeous Bond Falls set (slideshow). I had a nearly impossible time deciding which one of these to feature – be sure to check them all out!! has this to say about Bond Falls on the Ontonagon River:

Bond Falls is in the western U.P. on Bond Falls Rd, east of Pauding MI. This is the most impressive waterfall in Michigan with the possible exception of Tahquamenon Falls. The main drop is 40 feet high and 100+ feet wide. Above the main falls are a series of cascades and rapids that must drop a total of 20 feet.

The water level is controlled by a dam, and a steady flow over the falls is maintained for scenic reasons. Of course during the spring melt the flow is much higher.

Bond Fall is a Michigan State Scenic Site. The site was renovated around 2003. The old parking area was upstream of the falls, and a steep concrete stairway led to the base of the falls. The new parking area is near the base of the falls, and a level boardwalk leads you to prime views of the falls. The area is not quite as wild looking as it once was, but it is accessible to everyone. The trail on the east side of the falls is still wild with some steep rocky climbs. There are other trails that go off into the woods, and there are campsites nearby.

Click through for more, including a short video of Bond Falls. You can also check it out Bond Falls on the Absolute Michigan Map!

O Kun de Kun Falls falls on the Baltimore River

O Kun de Kun Falls, photo by Tom Mortenson

GoWaterfalling’s page on the O Kun de Kun Falls says in part:

O Kun de Kun Falls is one of the largest of the waterfalls in Ontanagon county. It is not as large as Bond Falls or Agate Falls, but it is just as scenic and far wilder. It is a mile plus hike to O Kun de Kun Falls and there are no fences or signs. The waterfall is also unusual in that it is an actual plunge falls. Only a handful of the many waterfalls around Lake Superior are plunge falls. You can go behind the falls if you want, but you need to be careful and sure footed.

Read on for more including directions. You can also check out the Ottawa National Forest page on O Kun de Kun Falls for a satellite map of the area.

If you’re wondering about the name of the falls, it was after a famous chief, Kun de Kun meaning “To Keep Up the Net” from the Leach Lake band of Ottawa. Here’s a picture of him!

Last Tuesday Tom took us to Bond Falls, and he returns this morning with a shot from O Kun de Kun showing that fall color is finally kicking off! View it background big and view lots more of his waterfall photos on Flickr.

More fall wallpaper and more waterfalls on Michigan in Pictures.

Agate Falls, Bruce Crossing, MI, April, 2010

Agate Falls, Bruce Crossing, MI, April, 2010, photo by Norm Powell is the site for Michigan waterfalls. Their page on Agate Falls says that this pretty waterfall is relatively easy to get to and adds:

Agate Falls is a Michigan State Scenic Site 6.5 miles east of Bruce Crossing on MI-28. There is a roadside park (Joseph F. Oravec roadside park) just past the bridge over the Ontonagon River. Unfortunately the provided trails and overlooks are somewhat limited. With some effort you can scramble down to the river to get some very good views of the falls, which seems to be popular with local fishermen, or scramble up the river banks to get to the old railroad bridge over the falls. The bridge is now part of a snowmobile trail.

Bond Falls is just around the corner. From Agate Falls, go east on MI-28 and take a right onto Agate road.O Kun de Kun Falls is 8 miles to the north. Go west on MI-28 and turn north on to US-45.

View Norm’s photo bigger and see more (including Bond Falls and other waterfalls) in his great Michigan Upper Peninsula – April 2010 slideshow.

Many more Michigan waterfalls and also more about the Ontonagon River on Michigan in Pictures!


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