Belle Isle Bambi

Deep Thoughts & Work Comps by Cave Canem Reaching all the way back to November of 2007 for a sweet shot from one of my favorite photographers & Michigan in Pictures fans, Cave Canem. He no longer lives in Michigan, but regularly shares photos from other photographers in our Facebook group.  Check out more in … Continue reading Belle Isle Bambi

Sofa, Sand & Saipan

Private First Class Raymond L Hubbard from Detroit by Andrew B Knight My buddy Cave Canem shared this absolute gem of a photo in our Michigan in Pictures group on Facebook. He writes: A Special Treat… “Sitting on top of the world: Of all things, Private First Class Raymond L. Hubbard from Detroit, Michigan chooses … Continue reading Sofa, Sand & Saipan

The Door Into Next Year

Detail from the House that Father Coughlin Built…, photo by “CAVE CANEM”. As we prepare to leave 2008 at the docks and set sail on 2009, I think there’s probably a lot that we hope to leave behind, and much that we hope to discover in the year to come. I hope that all of … Continue reading The Door Into Next Year

Oh, There Were Once Great Ships On Our Mighty River!

Oh, There Were Once Great Ships On Our Mighty River!, photo by “CAVE CANEM”. CAVE CANEM writes… So there I was… (On Black) rutting through some boxes for some tax documents and BAM, look what I found! If grew you up in Detroit between 1910 and the early eighties this should make you smile. This … Continue reading Oh, There Were Once Great Ships On Our Mighty River!

Envision Michigan

Deep Thoughts and Work Comps, photo by CAVE CANEM The Center for Michigan is an organization I work with that I very much admire. They are dedicated to helping to transform Michigan’s business, economic, political and cultural climate. One of their efforts to help us get our arms around what we have and to visualize … Continue reading Envision Michigan

Michigan Photographers: Bobby Alcott responds to reader questions

BenGreen asks “What photographers influence your work?” I’ve always loved Annie Leibovitz, and was simply moved by her show at the DIA – it was an honor to be there. Garry Winogrand, W. Eugene Smith … I’m moved by the photographer that can capture the spirit of a person in a single frame. Architecturally, Margaret … Continue reading Michigan Photographers: Bobby Alcott responds to reader questions

yummmmmm – EXPOSURE.Detroit October Show

yummmmmm, photo by vanessamiller. The next EXPOSURE.Detroit show takes place next Friday (Oct 20, 2006) from 7:00pm – 10:00pm at Karras Bros Tavern, Detroit, MI and features “CAVE CANEM”, radiospike, rckrawczykjr and vanessamiller. As Ms. Miller is the only photographer from whom Michigan in Pictures has not yet featured a photo, the choice of who … Continue reading yummmmmm – EXPOSURE.Detroit October Show

Where’s Waldo? At the Yankee Air Museum probably

Wheres Waldo?, photo by "CAVE CANEM". Cave Canum writes: There used to be this wonderful place nearby called the Yankee Air Muesum that kept these great WWII planes. Last summer some degenerate burned it to the ground destroying these beautiful birds and ending a great air show!!! Other than offering a nice set of photos, … Continue reading Where’s Waldo? At the Yankee Air Museum probably