Pier Energy at Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse

Pier Energy, photo by Aaron Springer The Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse entry at Terry Pepper’s excellent Seeing the Light says the tip of the light is 72 feet off the water, making that spray over 80′ tall!! Click above for a ton more, but here’s something about the light tower: 1912 saw significant a significant change in … Continue reading Pier Energy at Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse

Frankfort North Breakwater Light

Frankfort Lights, photo by lomeranger. The Detroit Free Press reports that Coast Guard has given the Frankfort Lighthouse to the City of Frankfort under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act. It’s one of 15 historic light stations in Michigan that have been transferred at no cost to nonprofits and government agencies. The Frankfort North Breakwater … Continue reading Frankfort North Breakwater Light

Frankfort Beach & North Breakwater Light in Winter

Benzie Vintage Winter Frankfort Beach Card looking South to the pod Pier and Lighthouse, photo by UpNorth Memories – Donald (Don) Harrison. The Frankfort North Breakwater Light in the picture is one of three Michigan lighthouses that the Coast Guard is offloading. Be sure to check this out background bigtacular Don’s Benzie vintage winter slideshow … Continue reading Frankfort Beach & North Breakwater Light in Winter

Frankfort Fire Department 🔥

Frankfort Fire Department 🔥 by Noah Sorenson Photo Here’s a stunning shot of the Frankfort Light by my friend Noah. With news that Covid-19 is hitting police and other emergency services very hard in Michigan & around the nation, I hope that everyone will do EVERYTHING they can to minimize the strain on these hard-working … Continue reading Frankfort Fire Department 🔥

Quiet Night at Frankfort Lighthouse

Quiet Night at Frankfort Lighthouse, photo by Snap Happy Gal Photography I was going to talk this morning about how I will continue to talk about what I want to talk about on Michigan in Pictures, but then I saw this awesome photo by Heather. I’m sure you get the idea. On her Snap Happy Gal blog where … Continue reading Quiet Night at Frankfort Lighthouse

Sunlight Sighting

Sunlight Sighting, Frankfort Michigan, photo by Aaron Springer Today’s photo of the  the approach of Frankfort’s North Breakwater was taken a few hundred feet from yesterday’s pic. View it bigger and see lots more of Aaron’s great Lake Michigan photos on Flickr.

A Lighthouse a day keeps the winter away

Dawn at Frankfort North Breakwater Light, photo by 22 North Photography 22 North Photography has declared February as Lighthouse Month, sharing 28 Michigan lighthouses in 28 days. Day 1 is the Frankfort North Breakwater Light which marks the entrance to Betsie Lake and the Betsie River in Frankfort. View the photo bigger on Facebook, keep … Continue reading A Lighthouse a day keeps the winter away

Sometimes the stars align…

Sometimes the stars align…, photo by Snap Happy Gal Photography What can you say about an astonishing photo like this? Heather writes: I went to Frankfort a couple nights ago to shoot the Milky Way at the lighthouse. As I walked out the long pier in the darkness, I passed two groups of swimmers heading … Continue reading Sometimes the stars align…

Promise Fulfilled

Promise Fulfilled, photo by Heather Higham Although I just featured a sunset photo by Heather … Wow! She took this last night and writes: A break at the horizon that spouted god rays all afternoon hinted a the potential for a lightshow at sundown. We were not disappointed, though we were very cold. View the photo … Continue reading Promise Fulfilled