North Manitou Shoal Light and 3 other Michigan lighthouses for sale

via… Tales of the Crib, photo by Jim “To pass time, the men watched television, read books and magazines, played board games, and chatted with passing ship captains by radio. One coastguardsman perfected his rappelling skills by using ropes to descend from the gallery outside the lantern room to the concrete deck below.” ~Life … Continue reading North Manitou Shoal Light and 3 other Michigan lighthouses for sale

Fourteen Foot Shoal Lighthouse in Lake Huron

14 foot shoal lighthouse, photo by David Juckett Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light remains the gold standard for information about the lighthouses of the Great Lakes. Terry writes (in part) of the process of constructing Fourteen Foot Shoal Light near the entry into Cheboygan Harbor: With completion of the work at Poe Reef in 1929, … Continue reading Fourteen Foot Shoal Lighthouse in Lake Huron

Houghton’s Keweenaw Upper Entrance Lighthouse

Homeward Bound, photo by Bobby Palosaari Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light is my go-to for Michigan lighthouse lore. His entry for the Keweenaw Upper Entrance Lighthouse says in part: With the meteoric growth of copper mining in the Keweenaw between 1843 and 1968, increased shipping access to the twin cities of Houghton and Hancock became increasingly important. … Continue reading Houghton’s Keweenaw Upper Entrance Lighthouse

Quiet Night at Frankfort Lighthouse

Quiet Night at Frankfort Lighthouse, photo by Snap Happy Gal Photography I was going to talk this morning about how I will continue to talk about what I want to talk about on Michigan in Pictures, but then I saw this awesome photo by Heather. I’m sure you get the idea. On her Snap Happy Gal blog where … Continue reading Quiet Night at Frankfort Lighthouse

Point Betsie Lighthouse: Ice Station Zebra Edition

Enchanted Point Betsie, photo by Kristina Lishawa The winds howl, the snow falls, and the waves crash, yet Betsie stands more beautiful and enchanting than ever. ~Kristina Lishawa View Kristina’s photo bigger and be sure to follow her at Kristina Lishawa Photography on Facebook! More about Point Betsie Lighthouse (with another cool winter view) on Michigan in Pictures.

Ice is Nice at the Menominee Light Lighthouse

Ice is Nice, photo by cohodas208c I’ll never miss a chance to tout Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light as one of the premier resources for information about Michigan’s lighthouses, as well as others on the Great Lakes. He packs them full of the history including the political maneuverings and economic reasons for lighthouse development and closure … Continue reading Ice is Nice at the Menominee Light Lighthouse

Old School Efficiency at Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse, photo by Frank Wulfers Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light has an extensive article on Copper Harbor Lighthouse that shines a light on some solid planning from back in the day … and some that was less so: As was the case with virtually all of the lighthouses built on the Great Lakes … Continue reading Old School Efficiency at Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Stannard Rock: The Lonliest Lighthouse in the World

Stannard Rock Lighthouse, photo by Michigan Tech University College of Engineering I came across this stunning video overflight of Stannard Rock Lighthouse last month and discovered a lighthouse I wasn’t familiar with. Stannard Rock Lighthouse at Lighthouse Friends says (in part): Stannard Rock, a substantial reef barely covered by the waters of Lake Superior, was named for … Continue reading Stannard Rock: The Lonliest Lighthouse in the World

Sunset at Muskegon Lighthouse

Sunset at Muskegon Lighthouse, photo by Amie Lucas‎ Lighthouse Friends’ page on the Muskegon South Pier Light begins: The name ‘Muskegon’ comes from the Ottawa Indian term ‘Masquigon,’ meaning “marshy river or swamp,” and refers to the Muskegon River that expands into Muskegon Lake before emptying into Lake Michigan. Settlement on the shores of Lake Muskegon … Continue reading Sunset at Muskegon Lighthouse

Lighthouses, Engineers & Orlando Metcalfe Poe

Poe Reef Lighthouse under construction, courtesy National Archives & Lighthouse Friends Estately has compiled a list of what each state has the most of and for once, Michigan appears to have come off well: Michigan has the most lighthouses and the most engineers per capita. So if you’re a photographer looking for a romantic getaway … Continue reading Lighthouses, Engineers & Orlando Metcalfe Poe