Say you will

Say you will, photo by Brian Wolfe Brian took this back in April of 2009 and shared some thoughts that I think all photographers (and people) would do well to consider: This weekend I resolved to wake up for the dawn. With the days growing longer and the sun rising earlier, it will only get … Continue reading Say you will

Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

Something in the Air, photo by Brian Wolfe Another day, another mass shooting – this time in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Beyond right and left, can we all agree that we need to figure out why we’re the only nation in the world who has this tragic problem and work on actually addressing this problem? I’m guessing … Continue reading Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

To Be In Green

To Be In Green, photo by MightyBoyBrian This photo is the current background for Absolute Michigan and cover photo for the Absolute Michigan Facebook. Brian shared it in our Michigan Cover Group on Flickr and I encourage you to do the same and also to get out and enjoy some of Michigan’s green glory this weekend! Check … Continue reading To Be In Green

Spring Return: Eastern Redbud

I’ll Return With Spring, photo by MightyBoyBrian On Rick Meader writes: When you think about popular, colorful ornamentals, Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) often comes to mind. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, with a graceful, ornamental shape that puts out a “bouquet on a stem” look, with thousands of tiny pink/purple flowers lining its branches in early spring … Continue reading Spring Return: Eastern Redbud

Set your backgrounds for spring

Macro Crocus, photo by MightyBoyBrian. Brian shot this on yesterday’s toasty-warm and not very March-like Sunday and writes: Go ahead, set your background. I declare that it’s spring. The flowers think so and I do too. I was slithering around on the ground with my new macro lens (EF format vs EF-S with canon full-frame) … Continue reading Set your backgrounds for spring

Trees such as these … Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Explosions in the sky, photo by MightyBoyBrian. He was shortish. And oldish. And brownish. And mossy. And he spoke with a voice that was sharpish and bossy. “Mister!” he said with a sawdusty sneeze, “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. ~The Once-ler Today is the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. … Continue reading Trees such as these … Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Whatta Week on Michigan in Pictures…

I Dream Of Clouds, photo by MightyBoyBrian. Every week in my email newsletter I feature something from Michigan in Pictures. This week, I found the choice impossible, so sent all 7. Mouse over, check a few out – it will probably be clear why Michigan in Pictures is my favorite thing to work on… … Continue reading Whatta Week on Michigan in Pictures…

New Year’s Eve Magic

  Dance Magic Dance, photo by MightyBoyBrian. “To leave the old with a burst of song, To recall the right and forgive the wrong; To forget the thing that blinds you fast To the vain regrets of the year that’s past.” ~Robert B. Beattie Please accept the warmest wishes of the crew at Absolute Michigan … Continue reading New Year’s Eve Magic