Michigan’s Tallest: The Renaissance Center in Detroit

renaissance center detroit, photo by Detroitmi97. The list of the tallest buildings in Michigan says that the title of tallest building in Michigan belongs to the Renaissance Center at 77 stories and 722 feet tall. It also has the distinction of being the tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. The RenCen is owned by … Continue reading Michigan’s Tallest: The Renaissance Center in Detroit

Danny Lane’s sculpture ‘Borealis’ at the Renaissance Center

Reflective Distortion, photo by rckrawczykjr. Ralph writes: Detail of a glass wall within the entrance space of the Renaissance Center with a happy little cross process filter applied for good measure. The wall is part of the Danny Lane sculpture Borealis. As the Kinetic Curtain in Glass Magazine explains, Borealis is one of the largest … Continue reading Danny Lane’s sculpture ‘Borealis’ at the Renaissance Center

One Detroit Center (Comerica Tower) & architect Philip Cortelyou Johnson

One Detroit, photo by Michael G Smith The 619 ft tall, 43-story One Detroit Center is the tallest office building in Michigan and second tallest building in the city behind the central hotel tower of the Renaissance Center. Completed in 1993, it started out as the Comerica Tower. The Detroit 1701 page on Comerica Tower says (in part): This … Continue reading One Detroit Center (Comerica Tower) & architect Philip Cortelyou Johnson

Golden Rays over Canada

Golden Rays over Canada by Craig Hensley Craig got this supersweet drone shot of downtown Detroit last week. In his photo you can see Belle Isle, the sun shining on Canada across the Detroit River at the left, the Renaissance Center towers in the center, and the art deco Guardian Building in the foreground.  See … Continue reading Golden Rays over Canada

Michigan’s Tallest: Sand Dunes Edition

Empire Bluff, photo by Pantheos The author of my favorite Michigan blogs writes that Michigan is blessed with some of the most beautiful and tallest coastal sand dunes on the planet. He decided to climb some and put together a big old list of 87 Michigan’s ‘skyscraper’ Coastal Dunes that he could verify at 100′ or more in height. This … Continue reading Michigan’s Tallest: Sand Dunes Edition

Freedom lies in being bold

freedom festival | detroit, michigan, photo by Ryan Southen “Freedom lies in being bold.” ~Robert Frost Hope your Fourth of July is as big, bold & amazing as this great shot of the Detroit fireworks over the Renaissance Center from Lafayette Park. View Ryan’s photo bigger, purchase it and others and definitely follow him on Facebook!

NAIAS: 2013 Detroit Auto Show roars into town

LFA by JSFauxtaugraphy, photo by JSFauxtaugraphy Snapshots from the 2013 North American International Auto Show aka NAIAS 2013 aka the Detroit Auto Show started yesterday for media & industry. The public show runs Saturday, January 19 through Saturday, January 26. Here are a few quick hits: At $12 per person and $6 for seniors and youth, the … Continue reading NAIAS: 2013 Detroit Auto Show roars into town

Mt Arvon: Michigan’s Highest Point

n21_104-7586, photo by sgowtham Yesterday we featured Mark Chamerberlin’s photo of Michigan’s tallest building (the Renaissance Center) in our Daily Michigan email along with some more of Michigan’s tallest things. Seemed like a good theme to continue… You can view Gowtham’s photo bigger and in his Michigan slideshow. About Mount Arvon, which is part of … Continue reading Mt Arvon: Michigan’s Highest Point